iOS 8 autocompletes your password

An Apple iPhone 6 Plus
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The new iPhone operating system may have a serious security flaw.

Apple's newly released iOS 8—which has already seen one major error that required a retraction of a recent update—will autocomplete a user's password as part of its QuickType smart keyboard, iDownloadBlog reported.

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Here's how the website first discovered the issue:

A new thread on Apple's Support Communities website includes a note by one user who reported the keyboard offering "OrangeJuice" as a suggestion each time he would type in "AppleUser" because QuickType remembered the "OrangeJuice!2" password he previously used to log in to Outlook Web App.

"The worst part is that also suggest (to) me other passwords from other services and old passwords that I already change", noted a user under the nick name 'ramiroegueta.' "

As iDownloadBlog notes, the "potentially dangerous oversight" occurs throughout the operating system, not just in the Safari app. The best way to skirt the problem (until Apple releases a patch) is to disable QuickType prediction in the settings menu, the site said.

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Apple did not immediately return a request for comment.

Read more about the security flaw from iDownloadBlog.