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Bling, bling! Russian student selling 'crystallized' Mercedes on eBay

Bling, bling! Russian student selling crystallized Mercedes on eBay
Bling, bling! Russian student selling crystallized Mercedes on eBay

A London-based Russian business student took the phrase "bling, bling" to another level when she encrusted every inch of her Mercedes' exterior in Swarovski crystals.

Daria Radionova, 21, paid laborers to apply 1 million crystals by hand to the 2011 Mercedes CLS 350.

"I love it!" she enthusiastically said via email. But apparently not enough to keep it. She's selling it on eBay less than a month after commissioning it. The auction ends Thursday; the current highest bid stands at £154,600, or about $248,000.

"I wanted to create something special and to help homeless pets by selling the item in an auction," Radionova said. "I will give a part of the sale to Manchester (Dogs' Home); it was burned down a few weeks ago, and to a Moldova dogs home," she said.

Radionova didn't disclose exactly how much will go to charity. The Daily Mail reports she'll donate 10 percent.

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Another level

Daria Radionova and her encrusted Mercedes CLS.
Daria Radionova | Instagram

Radionova's encrusted seven-speed automatic diesel car shows that it isn't just men who think of their cars as an extension of their egos, said author Mark Ellwood of CNBC's "The Filthy Rich Guide."

"She's basically one part James Bond, and one part Paris Hilton," he said.

Most regular folk would just trade in their old vehicles for a newer model, he said, but people with money like Radionova take it to another level.

The entire project took four people working 12 hours a day for two months to complete, according to Radionova. She says it cost£35,000 to crystallize the car, including £15,000 for the workers whom she flew in from Russia.

It has been reported that her family lives in Moldova, one of Europe's poorest countries. When asked what her family does there, Radionova did not respond.

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Pimped-out ride bids big attention

Daria Radionova, 21, poses in an Instagram photo June 7, 2014.
Daria Radionova | Instagram

Both the car, with its personalized license plate reading "BAII BYY," and Radionova have received a lot of attention since she unveiled it in the exclusive Knightsbridge district in London where she lives.

"Everyone is shocked, in a good way," she said.

Radionova declined to disclose which school she attends, but says she's studying business management and is close to graduating. She'll then continue her studies to receive a master's degree in business and fashion, she said.

The auction's reserve price has already been met; so when it ends Thursday, the pimped-out ride will go to a new owner.

As for Ellwood, he isn't overly impressed with the fancy car.

"Crystals, meh?" he said. "Call me back when it's diamonds."

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