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Lightning Round: GNC, Goldman and more


GNC: "I think GNC has to merge with Vitamin Shoppe. I think they have to create a power house. Without that, they have too much competition."

Goldman Sachs: "After they reported that quarter, after the conference call the stock got completely obliterated. Then people thought about it a little bit more and thought it wasn't so bad. This is a common mentality in this quarter."

Agios Pharmaceuticals: "I really like it, but I think you should take some off the table before earnings because I can't let a gain turn into a loss."

Rice Energy: "This is one of the situations that is challenged. If you see oil go to $75, people are going to say Rice is not done going down. I think oil is going to stabilize here, and I think Rice is okay but I don't want to buy more right now I would rather buy EOG."

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FireEye: "Now that Palo Alto too expensive, I am more interested in FireEye here. I like Cyberark best of all."

Halliburton: "This stock has just been crushed as people worry about what is going to happen with drilling. I like Halliburton, and now that it has been crushed that means it's a buy buy buy."

ISIS Pharmaceuticals: "It got slammed and is way way overdone. It has the best pipeline of any of the junior biotechs that I follow... I am not willing to part yet with ISIS."

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