Lightning Round: Step up to the plate!

Invensense: "I think there's a suspicion that they have some real bad inventory backlog. But they're always welcome to come on the show to explain the situation."

CVR Refining: "I don't trust it. That yield is at 15 percent, and I don't trust it. I regard this as a red flag. I'm challenging that yield."

Pfizer: "For someone that is very young, How can you not take risk? You should own something like an ISIS, or a Celgene, or a Regeneron. Step up to the plate and go for a homer!"

El Paso Pipeline Partners: "You don't need to sell this one. This stock is fine, but one that is cheaper is Kinder Morgan."

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International Game Technology: "The CEO had the best bid possible for shareholders, and it is time for you to cash in."

Applied Materials: "The magic word for its pending merger, is pending. I don't know if that deal is ever going to be done. Stay away from Applied Materials, there are a lot of better fish to fry."

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