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Cramer Remix: Apologies owed on Wall Street

Cramer: Do not sell this stock

The Federal Reserve finally pulled the plug on its bond buying program. And guess what? We are still standing. The market didn't crumble and we didn't fall down a black hole of poverty in the process. Uh oh, someone owes investors an apology.

What gives?

"Did anyone other than yours truly really believe things would play out this way and tell you repeatedly how unimportant the Fed's bond buying program really was to the greatness of the profits made by terrific companies?"

As with any major change in the economy, Cramer thinks it is a good time to take the pulse of expectations and see where we are. The "Mad Money" host reviewed the five horrible scenarios that have been beaten into investors' heads for ages, and found some interesting results.

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When it comes to best-in-breed stocks, the good ones always come back. They can't help it; success is what they do.

They might sneak off quietly or even frustrate you for a while, but eventually they will always circle back. Cramer knows that is the time for investors to do some buying.

"Best of breeders don't sell off much, and they don't stay down long," said Cramer.

That is why when investors get a chance to buy into a best of breed because of the Federal Reserve or Chinese slowdown, you scoop it up with both hands. Examples of best-in-breed stocks include Honeywell, Disney, 3M, Chipotle and Bristol-Myers.

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As the "Mad Money" host always says, the game of Wall Street is about expectations. Take-Two Interactive Software reported earnings on Wednesday night, resulting in a skyrocket performance of over 10 percent on Thursday.

Cramer sat down with Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnic, who he considers to be the most conservative CEO who will ever appear on "Mad Money" because of his reluctance to provide an evolved forecast for his company.

"Our story has been an organic growth story, we now have the capital to consider other strategic acquisitions that are creative and we are very focused. Last year we bought back $277 million in stock, so we have shown willingness towards returning capital to the shareholders as well," said Zelnic.

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On the flip side, Charles River Laboratories can't seem to catch a break. This company reported better than expected results, and the stock was still slammed because the company's competitor PAREXEL reported horrendous results, and took Charles River down with it.

Cramer spoke with Charles River CEO, James Foster to find out what he thinks could happen in the long-term.

This contract research organization not only provides research for well-known biotech companies, they are also testing Tekmira's Ebola drug in the battle to stop the epidemic.

"Drug companies are all about finding novel targets. If they can't find targets they can't develop drugs against them. That's what biotech companies are doing these days, and now with the companies that we are buying we will be able to discover the targets. Things like Ebola will be affected," said Foster.

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Another company that has been on the run is Flextronics, the second-largest electronic manufacturing company in the world. In Cramer's opinion, a company like this can give you a good read on a lot of different businesses when it reports because it services so many industries.

Mike McNamara, CEO of Flextronics joined "Mad Money" on Thursday to shed further light on where the company is headed.

"We have generated a tremendous amount of cash over the last six or seven years … We generate a lot of cash, and we love buying back stock," said McNamara.

Cramer still thinks it's too cheap, and a good buy considering how much they love to buy back the stock.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer continued sorting through stock picks by providing insight on a few caller favorites:

Armour Residential: "No. When I see these big dividend stocks ... it has always been a red flag for me. I just don't recommend it."

Wabash National: "That stock has been completely hammered, and it does have some debt. But it's not so much debt that I worry. I like the bottom fishing idea, and that has not been a great way to make money so far in 2014, but this heaven sent year is almost over."

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