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Cramer: Don't sleep on the market, still gains to be had

Cramer: Tuesday all about consolidation

Sometimes regardless of the state of the economy, the market reverts to seeking growth.

Though the market may have been a yawner on Tuesday, the undercurrent behind the blah action in the averages was to solidify growth.

This growth came from three sectors: biotech, housing and cult stocks.

Tuesday's market created a good chance for consolidation, when in the absence of any real data or major market drama, the companies that had been growing continued to solidify their gains.

The one thing housing needed to grow in the current environment was low interest rates. Now we have them, and thus we are beginning to see results. Strong reporting and pricing came in from Toll Brothers and D.R. Horton to show that this lagging sector is starting to come back up.

Last week Cramer said HGX, the Philly Housing Index, looked as though it would break out. Sure enough, the index has continued to make gains.

"The follow-through makes me believe that this last leg of interest rate declines, the ones you would least expect given what the Federal Reserve has been doing, seem as though they're having a more positive impact on the economy than all of the Fed's bond buying did," said the "Mad Money" host.

Speaking of the Federal Reserve being irrelevant, biotechs have also been on a rally streak as well. Cramer thinks it is clear that this group is not trading with anything else but itself.

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Gilead and Celgene have been leading the charge, but on Tuesday Regeneron and ISIS Pharmaceuticals took the reins. Cramer speculated that this was because of the amazing things that ISIS is working on.

"ISIS CEO Stan Crooke's been on the show a bunch of times lately talking about that pipeline, and I think the stock's run is far from over."

As for the cult stocks, well they are in their own bubble.

"They trade to the beat of their own drummer irrespective of the four walls of the spreadsheet canvas – or to put it less diplomatically, stocks whose prices have nothing to do with traditional value metrics," added Cramer.

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Cult stocks such as Amazon and Tesla both roared on Tuesday. In Cramer's opinion, Amazon's spike was a classic sell-the-news situation with Alibaba. Traders initially piled money into Alibaba ahead of Singles' Day in China, and then went right back to Amazon the day after.

Normally Jim Cramer would try to find a pattern and link the stocks that are going higher when the market is uneventful. But with an erratic pattern-free day due to the bond market being closed and no official release of data, Cramer is taking a breath of fresh air and not looking for patterns.

He can see the growers in the clear, and encourages investors to watch them grow and pocket the gains.

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