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Cramer's military salute: Long-term investing themes

Cramer: Default to big themes

Jim Cramer knows that investing can be hard for veterans and active military soldiers. They aren't able to constantly watch stocks and trade on every market movement or use fancy algorithm software the way that short-termers do.

The answer? Don't play their game!

To honor those who have given the highest level of respect for our nation, Cramer focused on three long-term investing themes. These are stocks you can buy and put away, and examine the company reports each quarter—just to do enough homework for your stock positions to be maintained.

First is the natural and organic space. Second is biotech. And third are the social, mobile, cloud and connectivity plays.

There were so many examples on Monday of investments that were ripe for picking for military, that Cramer chose one stock per theme to illustrate his point.

WhiteWave is the natural and organic food chain. With its brand Horizon, it dominates that plant-based milk market with almond and soy milk. In the fourth quarter it will start to ship the milks to China, which could mean big bucks.

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"Given the cow shortage and the desire to have a healthier food chain, China could be a huge cash cow for WhiteWave next year, which is why it's such a huge buy," said the "Mad Money" host.

Next up is biotech. Gilead's hepatitis franchise has many competitors, of which Merck is the biggest. Cramer urged his viewers not to give up on Merck just yet because it has a lot of potential, and its drugs are super cheap. But don't just focus on Merck. because Cramer likes the way that Celgene and Gilead are looking, too.

"I like the biotechs as much as ever, as they are the laboratory for big pharma and incubator of smaller biotechs," Cramer noted.

Finally there is the mobile, social, cloud and connectivity space that could bring home the bacon.

"Look no further than Alibaba, the Chinese Internet rival to Amazon. Except it has something that Amazon may never have—bountiful profits."

With Singles' Day in China on Tuesday, Cramer thinks this stock monster will go up to $120 where it could value right next to Facebook, another favorite stock of the "Mad Money" host.

And don't forget about Yahoo, which has a nice Alibaba angle to play since it has a huge stake in the company.

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Cramer recommends looking for that window of opportunity to get in on these three themes, which could pay off in the long term for our nation's finest.

"Buy 'em when you can, when the short-termers give you a chance. Given how these hedge funds seem to buy high and sell low as a habit, these longer-term opportunities seem to be an annuity for those with a time horizon that's longer than the mayfly."

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