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Lightning Round: Uniquely levered stocks


It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Lyondellbasell Industries: "I don't want you in Lyondellbasell, I want you in Dow Chemical. Similar dividend and I think there is a lot of restructuring going on in that company that is much more positive."

Kirby: "This is a stock that is uniquely levered, and people don't realize this barges company to oil because that is another way to get oil to market. I am not a fan of Kirby at these levels, I liked it much lower."

Cypress Semiconductor: "I like Cypress, I believe that inside this company is a division that when spun out will be worth almost as much as Cypress. In the meantime you get that great yield. I'm a buyer."

Adobe Systems: "That is a cloud play that has had consistent earnings as they go from being a regular play to a cloud play. They are one of the few companies that has pulled it off."

Chart Industries: "I don't know if this will ever recover because I think that oil has fallen so low in price and the country did not adopt natural gas as a bridge fuel .. I am going to tell you that right now this stock is in no man's land, it's not a good stock and I am not going to get behind it."

K12 Inc: "There are so many good stocks out there, we don't have to try to catch the bottom in a stock. It's too dangerous."

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CBS Corp: "Time Warner is better than CBS, what can I say. I think Time Warner is a stock that is going higher, and CBS could be marking time right now."

AT&T: "I think AT&T is fine, but I like Verizon for growth. I just prefer one over the other right now."

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