'Frozen' actress paid $926 for role in blockbuster film

Spencer Lacey Ganus
Getty Images

Spencer Lacey Ganus might be feeling a bit frosty in the wake of the success of Disney's "Frozen." The 15-year-old actress voiced teenage Elsa in the film and was paid just $926.20.

According to the Daily Mail, her contract, which was filed in court, entitled her to a one-day guaranteed payment. "Frozen" grossed a record $1.2 billion at the global box office, having only spent $150 million for production.Ganus' compensation was 0.000077 percent of the film's gross.

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Ganus' role is slim in comparison to the voice-over work of Idina Menzel, who portrayed adult Elsa. In fact, Ganus' performance resulted in four lines of dialogue and 30 seconds of footage in the final 102 minute cut of the film.