Restaurant delivery items that break the bank


If you're ready to drop a few Benjamins on delivery, this is the list for you.

The folks at food delivery site GrubHub sifted through its data to come up with some of the most expensive dishes available for delivery and takeout in many of the country's biggest cities.

To find these pricey dishes, the site removed bulk and catering items and certain item descriptions meant to signal it was a group dish.

The company also crunched two years worth of its data to find its most expensive order, which included several dishes, at $985.01 from El Vez in Philadelphia, according to two years worth of data.

Big Mama's and Papa' s 54 inch by 54 inch pizza.
Source: Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria.

Here is where some of the priciest delivery and takeout items are:

Los Angeles

Restaurant: Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria

Item: Great Sicilian 54 inch by 54 inch pizza

Price: $199.90

Big Mama's and Papa's advertises this pizza as the largest deliverable one in the world with 200 slices. The price just south of $200 is for the basic version. Extras will cost more.


Restaurant: Mariscos el Caribe

Item: Mariscada

Price: $122.99

One of the restaurant's specialties, this dish includes a seafood array worthy of Poseidon's dinner table. It includes "one whole red snapper, one whole tilapia, eight mussels, six shrimp wrapped in bacon, three crab legs, six breaded shrimp, one small chapuzon, one order of camarones cucaracha and six cups of rice."

Two juice cleanses available in Chicago were more pricey than this dish, but CNBC excluded those since they aren't meant to be consumed over several days.

Tasmanian Osetra Caviar Pizza from Uncle Paul's Pizza in NYC
Uncle Paul's Pizza

New York City

Restaurant: Uncle Paul's Pizza

Item: Tasmanian Osetra Caviar Pizza

Price: $200

Continuing the seafood trend, this caviar pizza ranks as the most expensive dish at this restaurant near the Grand Central train station.

For those looking for a smaller splurge, Uncle Paul's sells a regular caviar pizza—a mere bargain at $60.


Restaurant: New Jumbo Seafood

Item: Stewed Abalone with Oyster Sauce

Price: $69.69

Diners won't have any trouble meeting the $15 minimum at New Jumbo Seafood with this delicacy.


Restaurant: Dickey's

Item: Barbecue Honey Ham

Price: $59.95

The most expensive item on the delivery menu in this Texas city comes from Dickey's, a chain that's known for its pit-smoked meats.

For people who want to cross some items off their holiday to-do list, Dickey's is also selling a $109.95 holiday feast complete with a ham or turkey, cornbread dressing and gravy, green beans, baked potato casserole and a dozen buttered rolls.

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Items on this list are subject to availability. While the ham was not available when CNBC looked on Friday, it was when GrubHub compiled the list of pricey dishes. A close second was the 16 oz. prime New York Steak at Maggiano's Little Italy.


Restaurant: Maggiano's Little Italy

Item: 16 ounce Prime New York Steak

Price: $45.95

This 16 ounce prime aged center-cut New York strip is marinated in herbs and garlic and then broiled with garlic butter. Maggiano's tops the steak with crispy onion strings and serves it with crispy red potatoes.

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This Brinker International-owned Italian chain's fare landed among the priciest items in many cities.

San Francisco

Restaurant: Red Crawfish

Item: Salt and Pepper Crab

Price: $39.99

A foodie hotspot, the Bay Area is known for some adventurous restaurants. The Red Crawfish touts its Cajun-Vietnamese fusion dishes.

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Restaurant: Maggiano's Little Italy

Item: 16 ounce Prime New York Steak

Price: $44.95

Maggiano's also takes the cake for the priciest delivery item in Denver. Following close behind is the Ben & Jerry's Vermonster Sundae, a massive mountain of 20 ice cream scoops and toppings. Here's hoping the delivery is fast enough to avoid melting.


Restaurant: Shokudo

Item: Shabu Shabu

Price: $70

Better plan ahead if you want this dish. Shokudo requires guests give 24 hour advance notice before ordering. The Japanese hot pot meal comes with sliced rib eye beef, Japanese pickles and mixed vegetables. It serves two people or one very hungry one.


Restaurant: Uzu Sushi

Item: Uzu Ultimate Sashimi

Price: $70.89

This sashimi platter comes with 24 pieces of premium raw fish—enough for a hungry person or a couple. In Japanese, Uzu means "whirlpools," where some of the freshest fish are thought to be produced.

Washington, D.C.

Restaurant: P.J. Clarke's

Item: 12 oz. Barrel Cut Filet Mignon

Price: $48.55

Delivery lets diners skip the D.C. traffic at this K Street steakhouse located two blocks north of the White House.

This filet mignon continues one of two themes of the pricey dishes list—beef and seafood dishes.

While the steak is expensive, it's not the most expensive item available on the regular menu.