Choppering to your private jet just got cheaper

Uber for helicopters
Uber for helicopters

There's nothing like flying into New York on your own private jet, until you touch down in Teterboro and find yourself stuck in traffic for up to an hour getting into the city.

Now, a new service aims to change that. Blade, the start-up that's quickly becoming the Uber of helicopters, is launching a service Tuesday called Bounce. It provides choppers between Manhattan's West Side and New Jersey's Teterboro Airport through an app. The price is $800 for a six-person Eurocopter chopper, or about $117 a person if it's full. That's about the same price per-person as a black car service.

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You can get your helicopter just 20 minutes after ordering it on the app. And the best part: the trip to Teterboro from Manhattan takes only four to five minutes, compared to driving which can take up to an hour.

"It is very rare that you see helicopter pricing competitive with car services," said Greg Ramey, director of New Markets for Blade.

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Teterboro is often the busiest private-jet airport in the country, with more than 600 flights a day. Blade figures that for people spending $20,000 or $100,000 for a charter flight, paying another $800 for a chopper flight to get there faster is worth it.

Bounce is also expected to launch service to other area New York City area airports in the future.

Blade launched this summer with service between Manhattan and the Hamptons and logged more than 800 flights during the 16 weeks of summer, instantly making it the largest carrier to the Hamptons. It's also planning expansions to other global cities in the coming years.

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