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No bull: Card game lives up to Black Friday promise

At least one retailer lived up to its word on Black Friday.

The makers of Cards Against Humanity, a cheeky party game, ran a holiday promotion in which you could supposedly buy literal cow droppings. Well, it turns out if you shelled out $6 for the gimmick, you got exactly what you paid for.

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Cards Against Humanity

Los Angeles blog LAist, which was among the 30,000 customers who purchased the item, reported Saturday that they received their excrement-filled shipment. Numerous videos appeared on YouTube, as well, showing recipients opening up their packages to find nothing but what they ordered.

Last month as part of the Black Friday promotion, Cards Against Humanity removed all other products from its website, to promote this offering (although its other products were still available on Amazon).

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This year's promotion falls in line with previous holiday stunts offered by the company, all in the name of poking fun at the fervor around holiday shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. Last year, the company chose to raise its prices on Black Friday.