Consumer Electronics Show

A smart belt that knows when you are getting fat

The Emiota smart belt is demonstrated at CES Unveiled in Las Vegas.
Michael Nagle | Bloomberg | Getty Images

CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, is full of the wonderful and weird. And the wearable smart belt called Belty, which debuted at CES Unveiled on Sunday night, definitely falls into the latter category.

The Belty wirelessly connects with the user's smartphone so that wearer can teach it preferences based on things like sitting or standing. The Belty will automatically loosen when you sit down, and tighten when you stand up, for example.

CES super-boring this year: Steinberg
CES super-boring this year: Steinberg

Besides expanding when the user's waist expands, the Belty can also track activity via a built-in accelerometer.

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The company behind the wearable smart belt is a French company called Emiota. Emiota hasn't yet shared a release date or pricing information, but aims to launch sometime this year.