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New ranking calls out California for social media narcissism

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When it comes to self promotion on social media, the West Coast wins the gold.

That's the verdict of a new study by HeyLets, a social platform, which surveyed from more than 2500 Americans who shared their experiences on social media. The analysis found that residents of California tend to be the most boastful when it comes to sharing information on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The states of Washington and Nevada followed close behind.

Sixty-two percent of respondents said they most frequently use social media when going on a special trip, followed by showing they attended a memorable event and meeting a noteworthy person. Other topics which ranked high included when a significant other did something nice and getting work-related good news.

In other words, the endless stream of information people share on their social networks function as a stealth opportunity for users to boast about how great they are, or how awesome their life is, according to Heylets.

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"On social networks like Facebook and Instagram, many so-called 'status updates' are really 'brag-ommendatons' — opportunities to enhance your status with friends and followers by showcasing your apparently amazing life," the site noted.

According to those standards, women are apparently the most boastful. The sample skewed female (60 percent) and included U.S. citizens ranging in age from ages 18 to 64.

At the opposite end of the argument, Utah natives seem to be the humblest. Only 22 percent of its respondents use social media to self-promote, dubbing it the most humble state, followed by Oregon and South Carolina.

The percentages are based on the average percent of residents who responded to frequently making self-promotional posts. A complete list of states follows:

Most Boastful States

#1: California (77%)

#2: Washington (76%)

#3: Nevada: (72%)

#4: Maryland (70%)

#5: New Hampshire (69%)

#6: Illinois (67%)

#7: Virginia (66%)

#8: Oklahoma (64%)

#9: New Jersey (60%)

#10: New York (58%)

#11: South Dakota (57%)

#12: Delaware (57%)

#13: Colorado (55%)

#14: Alabama (55%)

#15: Kentucky (54%)

#16: Indiana (53%)

#17: Georgia (52%)

#18: Minnesota (52%)

#19: Florida (51%)

#20: Texas (51%)

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Most Humble States

#1: Utah (22%)

#2: Oregon (26%)

#3: South Carolina (33%)

#4: Kansas (34%)

#5: Arizona (34%)

#6: Arkansas (37%)

#7: Pennsylvania (39%)

#8: Massachusetts (40%)

#9: Rhode Island (40%)

#10: Wisconsin (40%)

#11: Connecticut (43%)

#12: Ohio (44%)

#13: North Carolina (45%)

#14: Maine (46%)

#15: Michigan (47%)

#16: Tennessee (47%)

#17: Missouri (48%)

#18: Louisiana (48%)

#19: Mississippi (49%)

#20: Iowa (49%)