The biggest earnings week of the year

Cramer: Overwhelmed with earnings next week

Ahead of the biggest earnings week of the year, the winners on Friday's market were Starbucks and Honeywell, and Jim Cramer thinks this is huge.

Why? Because the leaders of a company can determine just how well the company will do, and these are two prime examples of companies with superior CEOs.

"They can take their teams to places that no one else has gone, and that's exactly what Howard Schultz and Dave Cote have done for Starbucks and Honeywell," said the "Mad Money" host.

With this in mind, Cramer wants investors to know that next week will mark the most important week of the year. More money will be made and lost on stocks next week than any other time of the year. So, take this seriously.

Here are the stocks he will be watching:

Monday: Microsoft & Norfolk Southern
Microsoft: Cramer is buying what new CEO Satya Nadella is selling. He thinks Nadella is in a position to make some major changes in the company and is confident that the CEO will do something bold and positive for shareholders.

Inside Alibaba Group Holdings headquarters.
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Norfolk Southern: Cramer was blown away by how strong railroads like Union Pacific were this week. He will be more bullish if Norfolk has a similar outlook.

Tuesday: A jam-packed day!
Cramer actually feels bad for all of the companies reporting on Tuesday. There are so many of them! He will be focused on 3M,American Airlines, Caterpillar, DuPont and Procter & Gamble, as well as ...

Apple: Tuesday evening will be Apple, Apple and more Apple.
"The expectations have gotten very high here, again, and I am going to be all over it like white on rice."

Once again, Cramer warned: don't trade Apple, own it. Wait to buy if you don't own it, as that might be the best opportunity.

Wednesday: Boeing & Biogen
Boeing: In the past, this company has been deemed a loser on suspicions that airlines won't upgrade their fleets for fuel efficient planes now that the price of oil is so low. Cramer thinks this is just a rumor, and this stock's run indicates that he has been right.

Biogen Idec: The "Mad Money" host loves biotechs, because they are completely isolated from overseas turmoil and commodity volatility. He will be watching Biogen.

Thursday: Alibaba, Celgene, Amazon, Google

Alibaba: This stock has slowed down a bit recently, with China cooling off and the loss of its aggressive retail support. However, Cramer is not fazed by this. "I bet it surprises to the upside and some money's made by the bold people who own it."

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Celgene: Buy this one on any weakness, Cramer said.

Google: This stock has been a barking dog, until this week. But Cramer is still nervous about this one.

Amazon: One of Cramer's proclaimed "cult stocks," and he thinks that it will be shining from year-end Internet sales. Right now, he just can't value the darned thing on dollars spent per share.

Friday: Chevron
Chevron: This key company will take the pulse of oil, share insight on its projects and explain how it will amend its spending budget.

"If you own anything oil you do not want to miss this call," Cramer said.

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