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Cramer's never seen anything like this before

Cramer: I've never seen anything like this

Enough is enough, already! Jim Cramer is sick and tired of the same companies whining, over and over again. Apple and Yahoo certainly weren't whining on Tuesday, especially Apple when it crushed earnings estimates to smithereens.

Perhaps it is time for these companies to drink a glass of wine and calm down, instead of whining about how the strong dollar is killing earnings and letting the complaints take down the market.

But the biggest whiner of them all? Caterpillar. Holy cow, Cramer had never seen the enormous amount of whining coming from its CEO.

Can someone please hand Caterpillar a little violin?

"Throw out the strong-dollar whiners. They aren't worth drinking. Either stick with the domestic plays, or go with those companies that are doing so well that you don't even notice these currency fluctuations," said Cramer.

Wouldn't it make sense to just skip the drama, and go for the winners? Drink the wine instead, and don't listen to whining.

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The Victory motorcycles assembly line at the Polaris Industries factory on Aug. 8, 2014, in Spirit Lake, Iowa.
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It seems to Cramer that everyone is talking about the issues with currency, but the only action being taken is to take down stocks to get ahead of the strength of the dollar.

However, just because the market tanks on currency concerns does not mean that there is no way to get around it. The "Mad Money" host outlined three groups that are immune to currency wars.

First, are the technology stocks that have triumphed over their currency issues. Those are stocks like Honeywell, General Electric and Starbucks.

Another group are the stocks that have been reset, because they were already down due to currency and came back up. Just look at Kimberly-Clark that rallied on Tuesday.

The third group, and most important, are the domestic companies that don't have business overseas.

"The restaurants, the retailers, they all held right in today and offered you no real bargains at all. These are the stocks to key on. These are the ones where you need a second down day to buy them into weakness."

Despite the blizzard bust of the century, Polaris Industries still managed to thrive. The big maker of snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles was up 5 percent on Tuesday amid a widespread weakness of the market.

Polaris reported earnings, and crushed it with a 4 cent earnings beat on a $1.94 basis and higher than expected sales, up 17.7 percent year over year.

The "Mad Money" host sat down with Polaris Industries chairman and CEO Scott Wine to get the lay of the land. The CEO explained that while he was happy with the earnings, he considers this to be an ugly win.

"Our results were quite good, but we certainly look at not just how our financial results look but how we got there," Wine said.

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In preparation for the Super Bowl on Sunday, Jim Cramer is heading to the charts to pit four high quality companies from Seahawk's hometown of Seattle, versus the Patriots' home turf, New England.

Bob Lang is a technician and senior strategist at, and Cramer's colleague at The Street. He turned to the crystal ball of the charts to determine the face-off win.

Playing for Seattle is Costco, Nordstrom, Microsoft and the center linebackerStarbucks. Playing for New England is Boston Beer, CVS, Skyworks Solutionsand Dunkin Brands.

Looking at the charts, Lang found that the future is leading toward the Seattle stocks.

"Now, that doesn't mean the Seahawks will necessarily win this weekend, especially if the Patriots' head coach Bill Belichick can somehow sneak a deflated ball onto the field," Cramer added.

Ouch. May the best team win on Sunday!

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One stock that didn't get smashed was Horizon Pharmaceuticals. This is a company that specializes in unmet medical needs in primary care, specialty care and orphan diseases.

In fact, this stock has taken off and spiked 30 percent since just the beginning of the year. Cramer wouldn't be surprised if it went even higher.

To get the scoop on where this stock could be headed Cramer spoke with Timothy Walbert, the CEO of Horizon Pharmaceuticals.

Walbert commented on the rapid growth of his company when he stated, "We went from $600 million last year to $2 billion today, so if we keep finding products like that we are going to have a lot of fun."

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorites: "I think Salesforce is going to be OK...We are getting a little bit more buy in for the cloud plays, and I think you could be OK. Not sure, but OK."

State Bank Financial Corp: "The problem is that they missed the quarter, and a lot of other banks didn't miss the quarter."

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