Super Bowl stock face-off—Seahawks or New England?

Mad Money Chart Bowl: Seattle vs. New England

In preparation for the Super Bowl on Sunday, Jim Cramer is heading to the charts to pit four high quality companies from Seahawk's hometown of Seattle, versus the Patriots' home turf, New England.

Bob Lang is a technician and senior strategist at ExplosiveOptions.net, and Cramer's colleague at The Street. He turned to the crystal ball of the charts to determine the face-off win.

Playing for Seattle is Costco, Nordstrom, Microsoft and the center linebacker Starbucks. Playing for New England is Boston Beer, CVS, Skyworks Solutions and Dunkin Brands.

Will it be a Seahawks or Patriots win?

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Looking at the daily chart of Costco, Lang likes the pullback that the stock has had recently and thinks this could be a good entry point. The stock appears to be in good shape with a robust floor of support.

The maker of Sam Adams, Boston Beer, is also a strong player, up 50 percent since October. However, the moving average convergence divergence line (MACD) indicates that the stock could be overbought. Lang worries that the stock could need a breather.

Round 1: Seattle – 1, New England – 0.

Next up is Nordstrom versus CVS. Lang likes what he saw with Nordstrom, as the stock has been on an uptrend. The MACD is flashing a buy signal, and because of the recent pullback this could be a good entry point to buy it.

CVS was one of the strongest retail performers for 2014. Could it beat down Nordstrom? The fact that the stock didn't even blink when the markets corrected in October and December, and has been running so strong since, indicates institutional buying to Lang. And though the stock was a good performer, he thinks it is becoming overextended.

Round 2: Seattle – 2, New England – 0.

Then there is Microsoft, which was creamed on Tuesday after reporting a disappointing quarter. The stock has now fallen below its 50-day moving average, and Lang thinks it is likely that the stock will trade sideways for a while.

Skyworks, is another story. This stock has been on fire recently, and Lang likes that it has been rallying at high volumes. Though it might be due for a pause, ultimately he thinks it is headed higher.

"I like this call. Skyworks is in the midst of the connectivity revolution, a theme I want to use in 2015 to replace the domestic oil and gas renaissance," said the "Mad Money" host.

Round 3: Seattle – 2, New England – 1.

Now it is time to bring out the big-boy coffeehouse stocks, with Starbucks versus Dunkin Donuts.

Starbucks just keeps on growing and growing, thanks to its terrific leadership from Howard Schultz. Lang saw more good news in the charts, with a bullish crossover on the MACD that indicates there is more upside ahead. Though the stock could be indicated as being overbought, based on the history of bullish trends of Starbucks, it can stay overbought for months before a pullback occurs.

Dunkin Brands, on the other hand, has had a tough time. It broke down in December, but has been on the way back up since. Lang sees a modest uptrend for the stock, but unfortunately it is showing bearish pattern indicators in the charts. Cramer is not a fan of this stock at these levels.

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Ultimately, the winner of the "Mad Money" chart Super Bowl was Seattle, with three wins.

"Now, that doesn't mean the Seahawks will necessarily win this weekend, especially if the Patriots' head coach, Bill Belichick, can somehow sneak a deflated ball onto the field," Cramer added.

Ouch. May the best team win on Sunday!

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