Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLIX smashes Twitter records

Best-performing websites during Super Bowl
Best-performing websites during Super Bowl

The New England Patriots wasn't the only surprise winner last night; the Super Bowl also made history.

Twitter hailed the Super Bowl XLIX between Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots as "the most tweeted @superbowl ever" with a record-breaking 28.4 million tweets during the broadcast, beating last year's 24.9 million, according to the social media platform.

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The 49th football frenzy did not beat the most tweeted sports game, however, with the 2014's FIFA soccer semi-final between Germany and Brazil gaining 35.6 million tweets.

Tweet: NFL: "Pass is INTERCEPTED!!!" Brady loses it. Sherman loses it. Twitter breaks in two. One of craziest finishes EVER.

According to Twitter, the three key moments in Sunday night's game were:

  1. When Malcolm Butler intercepted a pass by Russell Wilson; 20 seconds before the game ended. (395,000 tweets per minute)
  2. When the New England Patriots finally won the Super Bowl XLIX (379,000 tweets per minute)
  3. Just after Katy Perry had finished her halftime performance (284,000 tweets per minute)

When it came to NFL players, Tom Brady was the most-discussed New England Patriots player, while Marshawn Lynch came top in most talked-about Seahawks player.

One factor behind the twitter surge was the much-hyped ads. Out of the 66 TV advertisements aired during the game, half of the companies incorporated a hashtag, yet the twitter logo was only used 3 times throughout the commercials, according to CNBC.

#SB49: check out the most-mentioned players on Twitter during the game

Facebook joined in on the action, with the Super Bowl XLIX being discussed by 65 million people, generating 265 million posts, comments and likes, according to Catalyst, a PR and research agency. 2014's Super Bowl game only saw 50 million join in on the debate via Facebook.

The Patriots' victory was the most-talked about topic on Facebook, with 1.36 million people commenting every minute, followed by Katy Perry's "Firework" finale (1.02 million people per minute); according to Facebook's data team.