Lightning Round: Time to buy Box again

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

TG Therapeutics: "I thought Weiss had game. I liked what I the work, I thought it sounded like a good company. I liked Weiss's work, I know he's a financial guy. So what?"

Whiting Petroleum Corp: "If you buy Whiting, you're in it just to speculate on a takeover. The stock has just upped 10 points in no time. I would prefer you to be in EOG."

American Movil SAB: "I don't like American right now, too uncertain."

Glaxosmithkline: "First good quarter and we buy on first good quarter when we see a 6 percent yield. That's a good idea."

Isis Pharmaceutical: "It's just the way biotechs trade...The drug that they care about is not why I'm in the stock. I think Isis is a buy, but understand that it is a big shorted name."

Box Inc: "I said to buy it for the IPO, we got a great trade. It has now come back to a level where I want to buy it again."

iRobot Corporation: "People don't want robots...What happens is that you have a number that's not that great in an environment where things are really skiddish, it's just going to keep getting pounded."

Qorvo Inc: "That's a great semiconductor merger. I like that, I also like Cypress Semi and IDTI."

Keurig Green Mountain: "The stock is down 40 straight points. This was a horrible quarter. I was kind of blown away at how bad it is. If I were them I would have pre-announced to let us know exactly how bad things are...It was embarrassing. That said I still think they have a franchise, but they have to rethink the game plan. They can do better than that, and they know that. That was a really bad quarter. I still like the stock down here because it's fallen so much. But that was the worst quarter of 2015."

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Berry Plastics Corp: "You really had a great run in it...It is a good company, but I wouldn't mind schnitzling a little because it has gone so high."

JetBlue Airways Corp: "I don't mind the airlines here, they've come down. I think Jetblue is fine. It's a good play on low fuel, and fuel isn't going up any time soon."

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