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Cramer Remix: This stock can sprout more gains

Cramer: This stock can sprout more gains

Jim Cramer is worried that with the averages reaching new highs, stocks are at risk of being overvalued and causing trouble ahead—unless you are a savvy investor who is willing to take an educated risk.

One of the reasons why investors have been willing to pay more for stocks is because of the positive backdrop stemming from the U.S. and Europe. The "Mad Money" host thinks that the Greek bond fiasco and Ukraine-Russia conflicts have held back investors this year.

"Remember, you're rarely rewarded if you wait for a big bad event to be resolved before you start doing some buying. The big money is made when you take an educated risk that there could be a positive resolution to an event that many people fear," said Cramer.

In order to make big bucks on global events such as these, Cramer thinks investors should be on the lookout for three things next week:

No. 1 Confirmation that Europe is turning around
No. 2 Signals of overvaluation in individual stocks
No. 3 Guidance that oil has completed its downturn and will head higher

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Now that most of earnings season has passed, Cramer is ready to award medals to the winners who managed to triumph at a time when most were missing the mark.

Cramer's attention was first drawn to the consumer packaged goods sector, as it has a reputation of being consistent and stable. However, that was not the case time around, as both Procter & Gamble and Colgate delivered weak numbers.

One company that didn't get taken down with the larger group was Clorox. The "Mad Money" host has had a long-time love affair with this well run company.

Clorox reported a spectacular quarter and beat the competition in almost every measure. But it is also the least popular of any of the major players of the group.

"Clorox was the clear winner in the packaged goods segment this earnings season, and I think it will keep winning," he added.

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However, not all companies have learned to evolve like Clorox. It has become increasingly clear to Cramer that the natural and organic movement has taken over not only Whole Foods, but the entire food industry. And now it's time to get on board the natural boat or drown.

Yet the "Mad Money" host is puzzled as to how Kellogg, Campbell's and ConAgra could simply refuse to evolve with this dramatic change in the food industry.

"They reek of our parents' pantries. ConAgra's almost a 'Saturday Night Live' parody of brands. The kind that we used to see snapped up on 'Supermarket Sweep' when they couldn't find the hams!" Cramer said.

At this point the only option that these laggard food companies have is to invest in growth. Hain Celestial and WhiteWave are two great growth companies in the food business that Cramer loves.

They both jumped double digits in the past year, and Cramer sees plenty of dollar signs ahead for them as they meet the need for parents to feed their kids food that is both healthy and tasty.

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Clueless? Desperate? Or just plain irrelevant?


Though the Ebola virus scare has calmed down quite a bit in the U.S., it still remains a concern in West Africa. Novavax is a small-cap, speculative vaccine play that is in the epicenter of this as it just announced a phase one clinical trial for an Ebola vaccine.

The connection to Ebola has caused the company to skyrocket 39 percent in the past month. Will it continue to fly high?

To find out, Cramer sat down with the CEO of Novavax, Stanley Erck.

"What you need for a vaccine like this is what our platform does, which allows us to make a vaccine that you can make large quantities of millions of doses a month that is deliverable at refrigerated temperatures instead of -70 degrees which is the problem with the current vaccines," said Erck.

Another stock sprouting monstrous growth in the restaurant technology space is the privately held company Ziosk.

This company is on the cutting edge of technology to change the dining experience by providing restaurants with tabletop ordering tablets. These snazzy tablets allow customers to order food, pay the bill, surf the Internet and play games.

Ziosk already has Chili's under its belt, and its tablets now dot every location. On Friday, it also announced a deal to add tablets to 500 Red Robin Gourmet Burger locations. Could this be just the beginning?

Cramer spoke with Ziosk CEO Austen Mulinder to find out.

"The top priority is guest experience. They want to give the guest some control, the opportunity for entertainment and in return they get to know that guest better and if they serve them better they will come back more often," said Mulinder.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Spectra Energy Corp: "I like this stock. The utilities have been crushed here, but it's got a 4 percent yield. Remember, interest rates seem to be going higher and you're not going to make a lot of money in this name but it's one of the higher quality ones."

Becton, Dickinson & Co: "I love that acquisition, it's going to give them the growth they need."

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