14-year-old hacked a car with $15 worth of parts

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Forget being afraid of teenage drivers on the road. The new threat could be teenage car hackers.

It has recently come to light that a 14-year-old student successfully hacked a connected car using parts purchased for $15 at a RadioShack, according to a Jalopnik report.

The student, who wasn't named, was taking part in an annual hackathon last July that was organized by Battelle, a nonprofit research group that specializes in the security of connected cars.

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Markey's car hack concern
Markey's car hack concern

Dr. Anuja Sonalker, the head scientist of Battelle's auto cyber group, told Jalopnik that the student used parts as simple as a transmitter and circuit board to construct an instrument to control wirelessly some functions in a car such as windshield wipers and lights.

While the student car hack happened last summer, the incident was brought up at a cybersecurity conference on Tuesday in Detroit, according to a report from the Detroit Free Press.

Read more about the hack on Jalopnik's website.