Is this really the “world’s first edible wearable?”

Wearable technology has seen a surge in interest in the last year, with many tech giants including Samsung and Apple launching or preparing to unveil new products. But before the Apple wearable comes the … banana.

The Japanese offices of Dole, the agricultural multinational, have claimed that they are behind the "world's first edible wearable".

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SeeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images

To coincide and celebrate this year's Tokyo Marathon, Dole Japan has released a video that claims to show the company working on a new wearable tech invention in the form of a banana.

According to Dole Japan, the banana has been kitted out with LEDs and sensors - inside its peel -- which will measure the runner's heart rate and running time during the race. The figures will appear on the banana's peel as the runner takes part in the race. According to an interview with CNET, a tech news site, the banana is powered by a small battery.

In addition, the video goes on to say that, if the runner is feeling out of breath or blue, people can "send a cheer" via Twitter, which will be sent to the competitor's wearable banana. When contestants pass the finish line, they can enjoy its nutrients.

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However, tech enthusiasts appear to be less than convinced with the video. James Brooke, managing director at public relations (PR) agency Rooster says "this is a completely ridiculous PR stunt."

As a runner himself, James Brooke says that the wearable banana "completely defeats the purpose", as when it comes to running as "runners tend to pick up items (like bananas), eat them and then throw away the peel shortly after" as it's a pain to hold onto.

"The banana is basically mimicking everything that's found in a watch. Even as a PR stunt, I can't take this seriously," he concluded.

Dole Japan has been sponsoring the marathon since 2008, and will be giving out free "Gokusen" and "Lakatan" bananas throughout the race. Other sponsors of the event include McDonalds, American Express and BMW.

Details about the "world's first edible wearable" are yet to will be fully released. Dole's Japan's website claims however that the "wearable world will change from here," disclosing that the "Wearable_Banana" will make its debut on the 22nd February, to coincide with the Tokyo Marathon.

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