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Cramer Remix: This stock is on a run

Cramer: This stock is on a run

While Jim Cramer is beaming that the Dow has set its first record close for 2015 on Friday, he is still skeptical. In fact, he even thinks that Monday could be an opportunity to do some buying on Monday in the event that there is a European inspired selloff.

"You'd better have your buy list ready on Monday just in case this market sells off after we stop feeling euphoric and start realizing that this Greek deal is a total kick the can four months down the road cop out that doesn't necessarily solve anything, " said Cramer.

With the Greece situation fresh on his mind, he will be watching the earnings next week with a heavy emphasis on retail and possible acquisitions that could be on the horizon. Here is what the "Mad Money" host will be watching next week:

Monday: DISH Network, Magnum Hunter Resources, Express Scripts
DISH Networks: Cramer thinks that even though this stock has had a tremendous move recently, it could keep running higher. He anticipates that the company will discuss pending deals involving telco and cable.

Tuesday: Domino's Pizza, Macy's, Toll Brothers, Home Depot, Valeant, Cracker Barrel
Valeant: Cramer is watching for major news from Valeant when it reports. Will it announce a deal to buy Salix Pharma? If so, Cramer thinks the stock could go much higher. He thinks it could be the story of the week!

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Cramer has taken on the battle of beauty, with two cosmetic companies on different sides of the spectrum. One is a glamour goddess with a beautiful stock that could keep running higher, and the other as the ugly stepsister that Cramer wouldn't dare invest in.

The "Mad Money " host compared the best-of-breed stock Estée Lauder and worst-of-breed Avon. In his long tenure of investing, Cramer knows that it all comes down to CEO execution.

Estée Lauder's CEO Fabrizio Freda has taken the stock 19 percent in the past year alone, not to mention 174 percent in the past five years. Avon's CEO Sherilyn McCoy certainly cannot compare to that, as the stock has pummeled 44 percent in the last 12 months.

"And you know what? I think Estée Lauder is still a buy up here at these levels, while Avon is a value trap that I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole," Cramer added.

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Twitter has become so engrained into the American culture of raw news, that Jim Cramer is convinced it is worth boat loads more than it is being valued at currently.

Why is the "Mad Money" host so adamant about this?

No, it's not just because billionaire Mark Cuban on Thursday claimed that it is a revenue goldmine on CNBC. It is because of the broad range of people that are using Twitter these days.

Everyone from the FTC Commissioner blocking the Sysco-US Foods merger, to T-Mobile's CEO John Legere adding color about the companies blow out quarter. Heck, even the bad guys like ISIS have taken to sharing their agenda over this social media outlet.

"I'm just saying that the idea of this company, the home of your personalized news service, not actually making lots and lots more money is pretty ludicrous, although not as ludicrous as how little Google makes off of YouTube, " said Cramer.


Once in a while, Jim Cramer likes to go off the tape to dive into privately held companies that show a lot of promise. He thinks that SeedInvest is one company that could bring in major bucks for the future, with its free online equity crowd-funding platform that gives accredited investors a chance to invest in startups.

SeedInvest allows individuals to invest right next to the venture capital firms in privately held startups. It currently has a network of 25,000 users and 7,500 accredited investors. What makes SeedInvest unique is the tough vetting process that it has for its startups, with an acceptance rate of only two percent.

To hear what it could have in store for the future, he sat down with SeedInvest's CEO and Co-Founder Ryan Feit.

"We connect investors to high-quality startup investment opportunities and historically only venture capitalists have been able to get into startups. What SeedInvest does is we have an online platform and we enable ordinary individual investors to get into startups for the first time," said Feit.

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Another off the tape gem on Cramer's radar is Hampton Creek Foods. With the natural and organic wave that is sweeping the country, this is one company that is taking it to the next level.

Hampton Creek is known for its plant-based egg-free alternatives to mayonnaise and cookie dough, with plans to extend into biscuits, crackers and pasta that use plant-based proteins. Cramer loves Hampton, as he thinks it is exactly the type of company that is ripe for the picking to be acquired by the big dog food companies.

To get the inside scoop, Cramer spoke with Hampton Creek Foods' CEO Josh Tetrick.

"This is a big deal for us, Compass Group is the largest food service company in the world…we just struck a really profound partnership with them where we are supplying cookies, mayo, and opening up the channels to supply biscuits and pasta. The scale is enormous," said Tetrick.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorites:

Johnson & Johnson: "There's talk that they might be selling Cordis. Johnson & Johnson has got to get its game back. They do not have it right now, so that would be a welcome transaction."

Facebook: "The stock has been stalled, and I think we will probably find out it is due to insider selling or something. My Charitable Trust owns this stock, and we do not want to sell it. Why? because if you look at 2017 numbers, you're going to see this stock is not expensive."

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