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Cramer's guide to the best stocks in a bear market

Cramer: Best of biotech
Cramer: Best of biotech

Jim Cramer thinks that once the numbers for February are released, investors may be surprised to find out that last month was weaker than a lot of people expected.

Additionally the "Mad Money" host has a bearish outlook for the next few weeks in March, as anxious investors prepare for the Fed meeting on March 17.

With this in mind, what stocks does Cramer think will be winners in a weak economy? Biotechs.

"If February was as weak as I think it was in this country, then the biotechs, which perform well when the economy takes a hit, will only gather steam over the next few weeks," Cramer said.

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First up on Cramer's radar is Gilead. Yes, it has been a major battleground lately. But it still only trades at 12 times earnings, and it has been able to maintain stability and stay above $100 on the downside.

Next up is Biogen Idec, which has Alzheimer's data coming out on March 20. Cramer thinks this could be a good catalyst to take the stock even higher.

Speaking of blockbuster drugs, Regeneron has been stalled lately, but that hasn't pushed Cramer away. He reminded investors to maintain focus on the anticholesterol drug in its pipeline, which has many cardiologists excited.

In the emerging biotech field, Cramer thinks Isis Pharma has such a strong pipeline that there will be positive news ahead. And while the stock is heavily shorted currently, the amazing product horizon and strong CEO give Cramer faith.

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Finally, Cramer thinks Alkermes is a steal at these prices right now. It had wonderful results released surrounding antidepression treatments, and if history tells us anything, it is that Alkermes tends to be a winner when it has broken down.

"Can biotech lead us out of this morass? Not alone…I can only say there are a lot of ways to win here, either with a takeout on the medium-sized companies, or out-year earnings power for the larger biotechs," Cramer said.

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