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Cramer's Top 10 performers from the past 10 years

Top 10 stocks for the last 10 years
Top 10 stocks for the last 10 years

In celebration of 10 years of "Mad Money," Jim Cramer took the time to look back over the past decade to find the best performing stocks.

When Cramer started doing the research, he was shocked at what he found!

"As I was doing my research, I realized that if you bought these stocks after they'd already been the best performer in the market for a year…these winners continued to make you a fortune," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer added that the reason why these stocks continued to reap benefits even after they became popular was because they are high-quality companies that dominate their industries. So, let's take a look, year by year.

2005: The best performing stock of the was Monster Beverage, which was known as Hansen Natural back then. This stock has continued to rage since then, and Cramer thinks Monster still has more room to run.

2006: The top dog was Intercontinental Exchange, or ICE. At the time. this was a commodities trading powerhouse. Since that time the stock has roared more than 100 percent, and Cramer thinks it will go much higher.

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2007: First Solar was an innovative solar company that took off like a rocket in 2007. However, Cramer thinks that since then it has been a total dog. He won't give it his blessing with oil prices this low, but he sees that the stock has rebounded in the past few years.

2008: Dollar Tree was the top performer that year, and since that the stock has quadrupled. An obvious winner! Cramer thinks the future looks very bright for it as well.

2009: General Growth Properties had a massive performance, thanks to restructuring. Additionally, the insurance company XL Group was also a top performer.

"This is a very good insurer, but I don't think it has the growth it once did. Just a steady edit player that did well in the Great Recession," Cramer added.

2010: This was the year of Netflix, when video streaming came out as a major player. And while it has been a bumpy road, this is one stock that just keeps on winning.

2011: Cabot Oil & Gas was the No. 1 player on the S&P 500, with the cheapest natural gas in the world. Lately, this one has been scraping the bottom of the barrel, and until it shapes up, Cramer does not want investors in this stock.

2012: The winner this year was Cramer-fave Regeneron. This company has some data being released over the weekend on its anticholesterol drug.

"If Regeneron somehow falters, I bet Sanofi which is already a major shareholder, will just buy the company outright," Cramer added.

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2014: The big winner was Southwest Airlines, which was part of the entire airline industry roaring due to the collapse in the cost of jet fuel. Cramer thinks that prices for fuel will stay down for awhile longer. The fact that competition has been reduced by a wave of mergers and acquisitions bodes well for Southwest.

"If this list teaches us anything, it's that when you find a truly incredible company, don't get scared away when its stock shoots through the roof," Cramer said.

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