Apple's new plan to make everyone an iPhone user

Apple is about to make it a lot easier and cheaper for non-iPhone users to convert to the iOS.

The tech giant is planning to launch a new trade-in program that will allow non-iPhone users to trade in their non-Apple device for a gift card that can be used to purchase an iPhone, according to a report from 9to5Mac.

Apple currently has an iPhone Reuse and Recycle trade-in program, which enables iPhone users to trade-in their older Apple smartphones for credit to put towards a new iPhone. The new program would likely work in a similar manner, where the Apple employees would determine the value of the non-Apple device to decide how much credit would be earned to put to a new iPhone.

According to the report, Apple has been training employees in how to determine pricing for the non-iPhones and will launch the program in the next few weeks.

Smartphone sales account for more than half of Apple's total revenue and while the majority of its sales are in the Americas and Europe, the company has seen a boom in demand in developing countries, especially China.

Given the high demand in the region, it's likely that a trade-in program for non-iPhones may spur growth even more because it makes the high-priced devices more affordable.

Apple did not immediately respond to CNBC's request for comment.

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