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Cramer: $$ rolling into this sector—thanks to Fed

Cramer: Fed smarter than the average bear

Now that the impending doom of the Fed meeting is over, Jim Cramer turned his attention to all of the things that brought us here—profit outlooks, opportunity and pent up demand for stocks.

"We've become very binary again, hanging on every word from the Fed, hoping and praying it won't do something stupid. While we're hoping and praying, the money stacks up on the sidelines, " Cramer added.

But what ever happened to the concept of faith?

Given that the U.S. has the strongest economy in the developed world; Cramer thinks it would be nice if people gave the Fed a little credit. Instead, people keep getting them wrong and misjudge Janet Yellen.

And many people have stepped to the sidelines or sell their positions as they wait for the bad news to be over. Waiting to pounce on good news is the oldest trick in the book!

Federal Reserve Bank Chair Janet Yellen holds a news conference following a meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee at the bank's headquarters March 18, 2015, in Washington.
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This is exactly the reason why Cramer is always urging investors to have a shopping list ready to go on days of weakness, to snap up those high-quality stocks that others won't touch.

Cramer recommended that in order to win big on this game of "pounce" you need to hang on to your courage. That means you need to have the guts to buy stocks of high-quality companies when they trade on a discount, and take advantage when the scaredy cats won't.

And yes, Cramer knows that the Fed does have a real impact on the economy. However, he knows that the rate hikes will be gradual, so that means that the velocity of the dollar's rally will be slowed.

Cramer anticipates that money will roll back into the technology and industrial sectors, which were two areas that were weak on Tuesday.

"Be careful because that could change tomorrow," Cramer said.

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So, once again, the "Mad Money" host reiterated not to underestimate the Fed as it is one smart bear.

"Memo to the big old Smokies out there, only Janet Yellen, not you ursine badmouthers, can prevent wild fires and once again, that's exactly what she did."

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