Lightning Round: Problem with Visa's split

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

La Quinta Holdings: "I don't care about the supply. Sometimes supply begets demand. I like LQ here."

Radware: "I like it...I like Palo Alto and I'm also doing work on FireEye. You know I care about these things."

Activision Blizzard: "Activision is good, though I have to admit I've been partial to Take-Two. Activision has been hotter than that, and I think when we see the results of Take-Two it will have evolved."

Visa: "I think that Visa after the split, it was a four for one, and here's the problem: you get one and then you get four, and you decide to sell one. It's going to churn here for a while and then it's going to go up. Remember that the split doesn't matter as much as Charlie Scharf's leadership and Charlie Scharf is best in show."

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Akorn Inc: "Everyone is excited about this one because they're trying to find the next Regeneron. I like the stock, I think it's good and is a decent speculation."

Union Pacific Corporation: "Well KSU is their partner, and remember that KSU had two problems. They had oil and they also had the peso. Union Pacific does not have both of those problems. I think for Union Pacific at $112 you buy some then, and buy some at $108 and then I think you're in real good shape. I like UNP."

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