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Semiconductor stocks blowing up the future

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When Jim Cramer looks at some of the biggest semiconductor stocks from last year, all he can simply do is sigh and recognize the fact that the market is just not turning in their favor right now.

In fact, stocks like Micron, Qualcomm and Intel all make him wonder about the entire semiconductor group.

"They are all down for the year, many by double digits, and they are flashing red for the components sector. Does that mean that the semis and their brethren are finished, some sort of secular decline?" asked the "Mad Money" host.

No. Cramer said this decline in semiconductor stocks is reflective of the long-term decline in personal computers, or PCs, because most semis are tied to them. He thinks that while the popularity of PCs is dwindling in the long term, it is not dying out for semiconductors.

"The truth is that the semiconductor group is about as strong as I have ever seen it, a fantastic leadership sector that is dominating all techs," Cramer said.

So while the software, hardware, cloud and Internet stocks might all be at a stand-still or giving investors false impressions through stock churning, Cramer doesn't think that will be the case for semis.

The key to the semis? Connectivity.

As homes and cars around the country are becoming more involved with the revolution of the Internet of things, Cramer has his eye on a few semiconductor stocks that he thinks will blow it out of the water.

First, is Cramer-fave Skyworks Solutions. This company dominates the industry as a parts maker for handsets, which play a vital role in the way consumers receive information. Skyworks is up 40 percent this year as it integrates into places such as the home, medical devices, cars, wearables and defense.

In Cramer's opinion, these are all the places that that are the frontiers of the future, and Skyworks dominates them.

Additionally, now that Cypress semi has completed its merger with Spansion, Cramer loves what it has to offer. This is another stock that is right in the epicenter of touch, automotive, memory, power control and lighting connectivity.

Or how about Qorvo? The combination of RF Micro and Triquint has allowed it to combine powers for amplifiers and radio frequency components for cell phones. Cramer thinks Apple and Samsung better watch out, as Qorvo will make it harder for these companies to negotiate pricing. An anti-competitive merger!

A few other stocks that Cramer likes in the semi space are NXP Semiconductors, Cirrus Logic and Avago.

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"Given the runs in these stocks, you could say that you've simply missed the move. I would come back and say, how can you possibly be so pessimistic, given that we're in the early innings of the connectivity revolution and the Internet of things, the rubric behind all of these stocks?" said Cramer.

Ultimately, he suspects that these stocks are just getting started. Cramer described them as the future Intel of this era, and will leave others in the dust as they expand further into the future of connectivity.

So get used to semis, Cramerica. They are here to stay, and by that time you won't even remember what a PC is.

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