Cramer Remix: Cha-ching! Time to cash in

Cramer: There are hazards ahead

If there is one thing that Jim Cramer learned from the infamous Gordon Gekko in the movie "Wall Street," it is that being greedy doesn't pay off. In fact, not ringing the register on positions can prove to be hazardous to your portfolio.

Have you cashed in on a few positions lately? If not, what are you waiting for?

To clarify, Cramer isn't saying to start selling off positions because he is bearish on the market outlook. He thinks that the market has a right to run after the big, bad Fed meeting is finally over. In fact, he knows that in order to prepare for the averages to run higher, that means having a good supply of cash on the side.

"I'm just saying that when you see these runs, you have to remember that there are going to be speed bumps. Do you have enough cash to take advantage of them? Or are you going to be caught having taken no profits at all? That's the way we roll in Cramerica," said the "Mad Money" host.

With this in mind for the upcoming week, Cramer has his eye on China. He thinks that we need to see a least a little bit of a bounce in China in order to justify how expensive industrial stocks have become.

In his opinion, Monday will mark the single most important Chinese number that will determine the direction of the market next week. The HSBC Manufacturing PMI will be announced, and he thinks it needs to be something higher than 51 or the market will open down.

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Papa Murphy’s pizza
Source: Papa Murphy’s

What the heck is going on with Papa Murphy's? This stock is totally on fire lately, up 42 percent year to date. Cramer is used to seeing these kinds of moves from biotech stocks, but not from a pizzeria! Could this be the real deal?

Cramer knows that the gigantic decline in the price of gasoline has provided extra expendable income in the average American's pocket, some of which is spent going to restaurants.

"Papa Murphy's isn't merely the beneficiary of a rising tide that's been lifting all ships. This is actually a pretty unique story, and one that's also benefiting from the increasing allure of natural and organic offerings, especially among the younger generation," the "Mad Money" host said.

So, what the heck is the difference between Papa Murphy's and a company like Papa John's orDomino's? It's the take n' bake concept. Basically you walk into the place, and they prepare a pizza right in front of you. Then you take the uncooked pizza home and bake it in your own oven.

"This is a novel and successful concept that still has a ton of room to grow, but it's also extremely speculative, so please be careful. Do not chase this one," Cramer added.

That means you should wait for the next marketwide pullback and build a position in small increments with limit orders. And if it's done while eating fresh pizza, that's even better.

Cramer: What the heck? Bizarre pizza stock on fire

Cramer was in heaven as he listened to Nike's conference call this week. Maybe they are just experts at how to handle a beautiful call, but it proved it is the model of success in handling currency headwinds from a strong dollar.

"After its earnings conference call was done, you felt so great about Nike that you could overlook any weakness and embrace any strength," the "Mad Money" host said.

In Cramer's opinion, Nike did what he thinks everyone should have done this quarter: focus on strengths, not currency issues. Obviously, since Nike is a worldwide company, constantly faces currency headwinds.

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Pedro Castellano | Getty Images

And it wasn't just Nike that blew it out of the water. Cramer sees that biotechs have been on fire recently, especially Prothena Corporation which shot up 32 percent on Friday. Wow!

The stock roared due to positive data released regarding its first human study of PRX002, a drug it has been developing with Roche to treat Parkinson's disease.

"If you already own Prothena, I have to admit you're being a tad greedy if you haven't taken a little something off the table," Cramer said.

However, the "Mad Money" host wouldn't be surprised if the stock kept running. To get a closer look at the impact of PRX002, he spoke with the CEO of Prothena Dr. Dale Schenk.

"There are a number of very good treatments to deal with the symptoms currently, but there is nothing to deal with the progression of the disease and, PRX002, we believe, is the beginning of a wave or new concept to go after the progression," Schenk said.

Speaking of biotech, for the past two weeks Cramer has been telling investors over and over again to buy Regeneron and Biogen based on their data on cholesterol and Alzheimer's drugs. Those calls were spot on.

"What you're about to hear is not a sell call. It's a don't-buy call that you should feel free to interpret as a sell call if you want," the "Mad Money" host said.

However, as of this coming Friday, Cramer recommended that investors no longer purchase these stocks. Why?

First, he stated that the smart money will run investors over taking profits. Second, the stocks are becoming a bit too speculative for Cramer's taste. And third, no one ever got hurt taking a profit. So why not cash in?

Perhaps it is time to go buy a nice sweater or those boots that you have been eyeing. However, Cramer warned not to dump all of your positions, because he still believes in them.

"No one has ever made a mistake taking a big fat profit. And if you buy them here and you blame me? Then you are sorely wrong and have lost all focus. Code for 'you're a real chowder head.'"

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Achillon Pharmaceuticals: "In the Hep C market, we have learned that there is just too much competition right now with Gilead and AbbVie and I don't think anyone is going to buy that company. if they do, it won't be at a huge premium I believe."

Celladon Corp: "A pretty good spec. A lot of different compounds, but I'm willing to go for it. I know it hit a 52-week high so you've got to be careful."

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