The young & the restless: Activism's rising stars

Nex gen activists' kinder but tough tone

They're young, they're hungry, and they're on the way to being the next name-brands of activist investing.

Corporate executives and boards are getting to know—often begrudgingly—names like Scott Ferguson, Mick McGuire and Jesse Cohn. They and a handful of other 30- and 40-something hedge fund managers are already running billions of dollars and agitating for change at big public companies such as Bank of New York Mellon, EMC, and Zoetis.

"Several of the newer guys have notched impressive engagement wins," said Bryan Schneider, managing director at $12.7 billion hedge fund investor EnTrust Capital. "As they continue to grow their capital base and reputation there's no reason they can't become the next (Bill) Ackman or (Carl) Icahn."

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