Can these young financiers change the world?

Sean Klimczak, senior managing director for private equity firm Blackstone Group, is shown on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange where the 2015 class of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders rang the opening bell, March 27th, 2015.
Valerie Caviness | New York Stock Exchange

A blind hedge fund trader in London, a former fighter jet aviator who now finds businesses to grow in Southeast Asia, and a private equity power project specialist who helped double electricity in Uganda are among the young financial-types who are set to change the world, according to people behind the World Economic Forum.

—the group whose annual conference in Davos, Switzerland draws international attention—recently named its fresh group of "Young Global Leaders" for 2015 and expect them to be forces for global good.

"The YGLs include the world's most pioneering, next-generation leaders who have developed in their journey to produce positive, tangible impacts in their countries, industries and societies," John Dutton, who leads the YGL effort for WEF, said in a statement.