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Wine, weddings and Hobbits! Wacky flier rewards revealed

Harriet Baskas, Special to CNBC
New Line | WireImage | Getty Images

Most travelers feel lucky if they can swap their frequent flier miles for first-class upgrades or a free flight.

But a recent study found at least 160 airline frequent flier programs worldwide offering redemption options that are far more interesting, innovative and, at times, a bit wacky.

Among other things, the study by research company IdeaWorks and tech company Switchfly found that El Al offers an inflight marriage proposal kit for $60 plus 120 travel points. If you let the airline know you plan to pop the question during the flight, a crew member will deliver a bottle of wine, wine glasses and chocolates when (or if) your proposal is accepted.

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Meanwhile "Lord of the Rings" (LOTR) fans in New Zealand can swap frequent flier points earned on Air New Zealand for Hobbit-themed souvenirs, such as a replica of Gandalf's Magical Silver Scarf made of 100 percent New Zealand wool. The item is woven by the same weavers who used historic looms to create the Fellowship Cloaks and other textiles for the LOTR trilogy.