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Lightning Round: I say this is an opportunity

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Statoil: "Not that crazy about STO. I like as a growth oil EOG and I've been bottom fishing with that Royal Dutch...Nothing happened with that deal but maybe they can get in on that Petrobras? But STO, no thank you. "

TG Therapeutics: "Why don't we buy more? I thought Mike Weiss was very convincing when we had him on. I think that company is good and I say this is an opportunity."

Realty Income Corporation: "Realty Company is okay, but frankly we like Federal Realty and we like Ventas. Those are the two REITs that we think best about. "

Ship Finance International: "I am worried about that yield. It is a suspicious red flag yield. It seems a little bit too high, and I do think by the way that Nordic can probably make some money on that one because I do believe that rates are staying high. "

Sturm, Rutger & Company: "It's okay. It's not one I get behind, I'm just not a big believer in the gun stocks. I'm such a huge believer in the defense stocks, and I don't want to stray away from Northrop, Lockheed or from Orbital. "

Emerge Energy Services: "I don't want to be in that sand fracking business...All the energy plays are going down including frack sand, which was the problem at Union Pacific. Let's be careful. "

KKR & Co LP: "I like KKR and I like Blackstone. But I remain faithful to KKR. "

Phillips 66: "I like Phillips 66. I think it's doing quite well and I don't want to sell that stock."

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Advaxis: "This is a pure spec, cancer vaccine play in many ways. I'm not getting behind the vaccine plays, but I certainly bless it as a speculation."

Ziopharm Oncology: "That stock got hammered on its secondary. Let me circle back on that, I'm surprised it didn't bounce back."

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