Cramer Remix: This company's worth double

Cramer: This company's worth more

Sometimes even Jim Cramer has to make himself wake up and smell the roses to see what is really driving the market, because today's influences were all pretty darned positive.

The first thing that has been driving stocks higher is the decline in value of the dollar.

"The strong dollar is the enemy of pretty much everything American these days, from our profits to our job market," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer went on to explain that so-called partners in trading are really out to kill us. They intentionally devalue the local currency in their country so they can attract U.S. business, which would explain why most stock markets around the world are higher while the U.S. is behind them.

The second positive focus was on Johnson & Johnson. This company reported numbers that were just plain hideous on Tuesday, citing the strong dollar. And what happened? Investors overlooked it.

Cramer thinks if investors are willing to overlook one of the most internationally oriented companies in the world, this says that they really aren't freaking out about the weak currency translations. That's huge!

The third influence is that it finally seems as though oil has finished its downward slide. It hit the $43 mark, which Cramer believes might have been the bottom, and it has since managed to hold its ground, closing at around $53 Tuesday. Cramer thinks low oil prices are important, however it is important to keep in mind that if the price of oil were to continue to plummet this would impact job growth.

So, while he doesn't want oil to rally up into the $60s, he doesn't want it at the $40 price either. Many big investors just want oil to stabilize, and that is exactly what is happening.

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Renaud Laplanche, CEO and founder of Lending Club.
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

One stock that Cramer found is worth circling back to is LendingClub. When it initially came public on Dec. 11, the stock opened up 65 percent higher from its IPO price of $15. The "Mad Money" host found this suspicious and initially had some real doubts.

However after its recent decline, Cramer is intrigued to learn more. LendingClub is a lender that conducts all of its business online. What is unique about it is that it does not assume any credit risk. Loans are made with money drawn from various institutional investors that are eager for online lending exposure.

Could LendingClub be worth a run in your portfolio? Cramer spoke with founder and CEO Renaud Laplanche to hear more.

"We have been growing 100 percent year-over-year; we have shown that we can operate at a lower cost than the traditional banks and deliver a better experience. Certainly, there will be competitors and other companies trying to replicate what we do," Laplanche said.

Another group that could still have some life left in it is the biotech stocks. This group was slammed hard last month, especially the smaller ones, as part of a sector wide selloff.

However, there was one company that managed to escape the downtrend and has had a fantastic rally. Horizon Pharma has soared more than 100 percent this year, though its announcement of a 12 million share secondary offering caused the stock to drop a bit on Tuesday.

Cramer thinks this pullback on Horizon is a fantastic opportunity to get in and pounce.

"I think you should call your broker and try to get in on that stock offering, but if you can't, you should just go buy some Horizon in the open market…ultimately, we are still in the early innings of this run," said the "Mad Money" host.

Pedestrians walk past an Urban Outfitters store in New York.
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Zillow had some major seesaw action occur with its stock on Tuesday, and Cramer thinks this could have actually been a good thing for the market.

As the nation's largest online repository for home values and listings, Zillow cut its full-year revenue guidance on Tuesday, stating that 2015 would now be considered a transition year due to the slower than expected pace it took to get FTC approval to acquire competitor Trulia.

The stock plummeted on this news, falling $12 at one point before recovering to end the day down only $1.29. Cramer suspected investors were able to shrug off the news because the stock had already fallen dramatically this year and expectations were already low. Basically, no one was looking for a blowout quarter anyway.

"Last night I said some publicly held companies would be worth twice what they are selling for if they were private. Zillow is one of them," the "Mad Money" host added.

At this point, could the stock be too cheap to ignore? Cramer spoke with Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff to find out.

"We wanted to come out today and give this operating update because it has been eight weeks since the closing of the Trulia deal, and we had a lot of news to share," Rascoff said.

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It is a very rare occasion when Cramer sees two alternative worlds co-exist, and that seems to be the case with the oil and retail stocks. Typically, when the price of oil goes down, retail stocks go up. But lately there has been a strange relationship between the two, as both black gold and retail have been climbing higher together.

So which one is right—is it oil or the retailers?

"I think the answer might be that both can be right as long as the price of gasoline doesn't go up that much, a likely scenario, and the retailers continue delivering good numbers, which I think they will," said the "Mad Money" host.

In fact, Cramer felt so positive about the oil stocks that he is even willing to recommend MLP's connected to oil, which he previously stayed away from. The retail stock that really caught Cramer's eye though was Ulta Salon. It's got the best retail model in the business right now, and has been on an upward climb all year.

"I think we have a coexistence moment where oil and retail can both be strong, and this opportunity has to be exploited."

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In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Acadia Pharmaceuticals: "I think that what they are doing could be a very big breakthrough, and I think it's a good spec."

U.S. Silica Holdings: "I like to go with high-quality best of breed, just in case oil goes down tomorrow on the inventory number. That is why I am recommending Schlumberger. This is the chance to refocus and get the best."

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