These huge market positives can't be ignored

Cramer: Focus! Too much good to ignore

Sometimes even Jim Cramer has to make himself wake up and smell the roses to see what is really driving the market, because today's influences are all pretty darned positive.

The first thing that has been driving stocks higher is the decline in value of the dollar.

"The strong dollar is the enemy of pretty much everything American these days, from our profits to our job market," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer went on to explain that so-called partners in trading are really out to kill us. They intentionally devalue the local currency in their country so they can attract U.S. business, which would explain why most stock markets around the world are higher while the U.S. is behind them.

The "Mad Money" host also suspects that this war on currency can also be attributed to the decision of the International Monetary Fund to raise its growth forecast for Europe, while cutting its forecast for the U.S.

"Our workers and investors are being sacrificed upon a cross of globalization. However, when the dollar gets hit, as it was today, our markets can go higher. Let's hope it keeps getting slammed."

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The second positive focus was on Johnson & Johnson. This company reported numbers that were just plain hideous on Tuesday, citing the strong dollar. And what happened? Investors overlooked it.

Cramer thinks if investors are willing to overlook one of the most internationally oriented companies in the world, this says that they really aren't freaking out about the weak currency translations. That's huge!

The third influence is that it finally seems as though oil has finished its downward slide. It hit the $43 mark, which Cramer believes might have been the bottom, and it has since managed to hold its ground, closing at around $53 Tuesday. Cramer thinks low oil prices are important, however it is important to keep in mind that if the price of oil were to continue to plummet this would impact job growth.

So while he doesn't want oil to rally up into the $60s, he doesn't want it at the $40 price either. Many big investors just want oil to stabilize, and that is exactly what is happening.

Fourth positive for the market is that interest rates are going down. To Cramer, that means the competition between bonds and stocks goes away. Investors will then be focusing on stocks with a good dividend as they realize that the Fed is not ready to tighten yet.

"The people constantly calling for rate hikes, including those gasbag Fed minions look too stupid to talk right now and that's sensational. It reminds us that Janet Yellen's in charge, not them," said Cramer.

The next thing Cramer sees is that the activists are still out on the prowl. And while some activists are effective, and others are not—Cramer is delighted when he sees that one of the stocks in his charitable trust has been chosen by an activist. He loves what Jana did for Walgreens, and now that it also has a stake in Qualcomm, he wants investors to go buy, buy buy some Qualcomm.

The sixth positive is evidenced with General Electric. This was a stock that was previously asleep at the wheel. Then, all of a sudden, GE offloaded its financial business at a great price and decided to use the proceeds to buy back stock and take an opportunistic approach in acquiring further businesses. This stock has turned around and now is a must-have for portfolio managers everywhere. Cramer thinks that deserves more attention.

Seventh is the ability for the market to shrug off Norfolk Southern's preannouncement that it had a terrible quarter. Again, this is a telling reaction if investors are not spooked by bad numbers.

Eighth is the fabulous report from JPMorgan on Tuesday. Legal bills are down, earnings are up and the dividend is starting to look juicy again. And while the market didn't like Wells Fargo, Cramer still endorses it as the bank to buy.

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The ninth positive is that expectations are lowering, along with stocks. This was evident in Zillow, which missed its quarter due to length of time the Trulia acquisition has taken. And while the stock was hit briefly, it bounced right back because investors weren't expecting a blowout quarter from them anyway.

And the last development that Cramer has his eye on is Apple. The stock didn't drop when market researchers tried to estimate Apple Watch sales. Have investors finally figured out that they are supposed to hold Apple, not trade it?

Ultimately, what unites all of these events is the way that the market reacted to them. Sometimes it's not a matter of being able to be on the inside scoop, it's a matter of noticing the way the market reacts to input. And right now, there is just too much positivity for Cramer to ignore.

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