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The force is with Disney: Michael Eisner

TV 5 years from now & where to invest: Eisner
TV 5 years from now & where to invest: Eisner

Investors looking to make money in media right now should look at companies that focus on content as their primary source of industry, former Disney CEO Michael Eisner said Monday.

"There are so many distribution platforms today that for once, there's no question, content is king," Eisner told CNBC's "Power Lunch" from the Milken Institute conference in Los Angeles.

"The best content will get the eyeballs."

He also said he would invest in Disney, which he thinks has a winner in the latest "Star Wars" movie.

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"The Force Awakens," expected to hit theaters Dec. 18, will move "many needles" for Disney. The film picks up where episode six, out in 1983, left off.

Director J.J. Abrams "will make one of the best 'Star Wars' ever made," Eisner said.

On top of that, "there's an appetite for all those characters in 'Star Wars' and then Disney will have the merchandise, the theme parks."

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After leaving Disney in 2005, Eisner founded the Tornante Company, which invests in, acquires and operates media and entertainment companies. Its portfolio includes: Airtime, Omaze, TaskRabbit and Topps.

In fact, the sports company Topps released a "Star Wars" card trader app about four weeks ago and it's now in the top 100 apps in the world, Eisner said.

"Just like Pixar, like Marvel, mostly like Disney. It is things that kids grew up with. It's in their DNA. It's religion … these characters are the force."

—CNBC's Stefanie Kratter contributed to this report.