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How to not keep up with the Kardashians

Robert, Kris, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian. Now you can block all Kardashians with this app.
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Don't want to "Keep up with the Kardashians?" That is exactly what this new app allows you to do.

KardBlock is a first-of-its-kind Google Chrome extension that blocks any mention of the celebrity family from the Internet for you, app founder James Shamsi told CNBC. (Tweet This)

"If there's anything on your newsfeed, the website you're on, whatever... we simply make it disappear. You won't ever know the stories about the Kardashians are there, because you won't ever see them," according to

The app aims to prevent Kardashian news from overshadowing "real" news, according to

"We don't care about how Kanye & Kim didn't care when Amy Schumer 'fell over.' We don't care about who the Kardashians are or aren't sleeping with. We don't care that Kim dyed her hair blonde. We don't care about the Kardashians," the app's webpage reads.

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Shamsi said the purpose of the app is not only to erase Kardashian-related content but also to replace it with charity and donation links. The app will be launched on Sunday, substituting Kardashian news with donation pages for the recent earthquake in Nepal, which has claimed more than 8,000 lives.

KardBlock does not intend to monetize the app, Shamsi said. It is also not expected to appear as an Android or iphone App soon, due to lack of funds.

He said while there was no set motive for choosing the Kardashians as their target, it was an easy way to get their voices out in the open.

Shamsi said so far they have received no pushback.

The Kardashians could not be reached by for comment.

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Disclosure: The Kardashian family has a deal with NBCUniversal for their flagship reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians on E! network.