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Planes, trains and Apple Watches: Travel hops on app bandwagon

Harriet Baskas, Special to CNBC
Apple Watch apps
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

Grab your gear and book a flight—hotels and travel hubs are jumping on the Apple Watch bandwagon.

For those constantly on the go, wearable tech in the form of Apple's pricy new gadget offers the promise of cool, new tools for travel. For early adopters who now own or are waiting for their Apple Watch to arrive, there are plenty of applications to explore. Many hotels and travel providers have wasted little time in adapting to the latest iteration in the apps market.

"Phones and tablets were game changers," said Kevin O'Sullivan, lead engineer at Sita Lab. The Apple Watch "provides instant information so you don't have to keep pulling out your phone, but right now it's more of a convenience," he said.

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Still, there's a lot to be said for new and convenient, and "those that are first to market have an advantage," said Lorraine Sileo, senior vice president at travel market research company Phocuswright.

"The sooner you're up there with an app, the sooner you'll get to test it and see how customers use it. And the sooner you'll get to come out with new applications," she said.