No drones allowed: Comic-Con unveils 2015 rules

Costumed Comic Con attendees pose during New York Comic Con 2014 at Jacob Javitz Center on October 11, 2014 in New York City.
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Calling all superheroes. Comic-Con, the year's hotly anticipated comic convention, is almost here. Yet, before you grab your cape and fake Hobbit feet, you might want to take note of a few new rules.

Selfie sticks, e-cigarettes and drones are just some items banned at this year's Comic-Con International, in San Diego, according to updated policies.

Comic-Con International's official blog outlined four main areas where additional bans have been put in place.

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First off, drones and any sort of flying device will not be permitted inside or outside of the convention center for fear that they could cause injury. Helium balloons and other products containing helium are also banned.

For some, e-cigarettes have become a preferable alternative to cigarettes; however, as studies on potential risks emerge, Comic-Con has added this along with any vaping product to the prohibited smoking pile - asking them to take it outside.

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Those keen to use "selfie sticks", GoPro poles and similar devices will also be shown the door on the grounds that they can be both a safety hazard and disruptive.

And finally: no live streaming. Apps and platforms like Periscope will not be allowed in any programs or events at Comic-Con. This includes wearing Google Glass during any footage viewings.

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Other rules include refusing entrance of all pets – except service ones - including "iguanas, parrots (and) boa constrictors"; on top of Comic-Con's 'Costume Weapons Policy' which must inspect all costume weapons prior to entering the convention.

The weapons policy also asks that all "functional (real) arrows must have their tips removed" and that costume swords must be securely attached to costumes, in a way that the swords cannot be drawn.

Comic-Con International will take place during July 9th - 12th at the San Diego Convention Center.

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NBC will be one of the sponsors for 2015's Comic-Con International. NBC is a flagship property of NBCUniversal, a unit of Comcast, which also owns CNBC.