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Why Facebook unbundled its Messenger app

No account needed to use Facebook

Facebook is opening up its messaging service to users and nonusers alike. With the new Messenger, users can sign up with just a name and phone number, according to TechCrunch.

Facebook realizes this will allow people to keep in touch with friends, but not with the expense of scrolling through an endless feed of graduation pictures and inspirational posts.

Facebook's David Marcus, who heads the Messenger division, told TechCrunch that the move is a way to increase Facebook's presence in emerging markets.

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"The only way we can grow in those markets is for people who aren't on Facebook to be able to join," Marcus told TechCrunch. "We don't want to stop until everyone is on the platform because it makes for such a better experience when you know you can find everyone."

Messenger is entering an already crowded space. Hundreds of millions users are already communicating through WhatsApp (which Facebook owns), Google Hangouts and Snapchat,

Read the full Tech Crunch report here.

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