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Cramer Remix: Be very careful with these stocks!

Cramer: Be very careful with these stocks!

Friday brought another day of hope with talks of Greece, though in Jim Cramer's opinion, the talks were not based on a shred of reality. This is probably why the market gave up much of its gains at the end of the session, though there were several stocks that stood out as winners.

Investors also saw a second day of love for hospitals and HMOs, and those stocks were on fire. However, Cramer did warn investors to be very careful with railroad stocks right now.

It is exactly from this place of love that Cramer wants to start a new week. Cramer expects to either hear that Aetna is finalizing the deal to buy Humana or Anthem is snagging Cigna—or both—when the market opens on Monday.

"The market's going to need it, and I'll tell you why. Despite what you hear about the talks going well in Greece and how there's a new plan to extend negotiations, I think that's wrong," Cramer said.

So, if Greece defaults, then the dollar will rise and the bull case for the market next week will be hit. Thus, Cramer expects that the market will know how the scenario plays out by Monday.

Cramer expects that if there is any positive news from Greece, though he doesn't think there will be, and we get a positive jobs number, then the Fed will announce a rate hike for September.

And while many still aren't ready for a rate hike, Cramer thinks investors should be careful going into this number because it could trigger certainty for the Fed tightening.

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As investors get closer to the end of the second quarter, Cramer took the time to touch base with one of the most forward thinking technology companies out there.

Red Hat is the No. 1 purveyor of open-sourced, Linux-based operating systems for enterprise. It gives away the software for free, and then companies must pay a regular subscription free to receive maintenance and customer service.

The company has spent a lot of time harnessing the power of mobile and the cloud, two of the hottest tech trends out there right now. Earlier in the week, Red Hat introduced its new mobile application platform, which helps customers develop and deploy apps.

Red Hat reported a strong quarter last week, and the stock has now rallied 43 percent in the past year. Cramer pointed out just how important Red Hat is to stocks, as the New York Stock Exchange also uses Red Hat. To hear more, Cramer spoke with the company's CEO, Jim Whitehurst, along with its new CFO, Frank Calderoni.

"The core trading platform runs on Red Hat, because it's the fastest operating system available. In fact, if you make a trade, the vast majority of banks on the investment banking side use Red Hat for their trading platforms and then communicate to the exchange, which is using Red Hat. So that whole system is pretty much built on top of Red Hat's infrastructure," Whitehurst said.

Cramer also saw two very disparate quarters from both Nike and Micron this week. And while one company deals with sneakers and the other with semiconductors, Cramer thinks they could actually both be a play on the same thing.

"People always seem to confuse the value of technology to some industries like apparel and the value of it to others, like personal computers," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer would even argue that more R&D goes into a new piece of apparel, or a Nike sneaker design, than what goes into a personal computer.

"Disagree? Then how is it possible that the average price of a basketball sneaker is going higher, while the average price of a personal computer keeps going lower and taking the pricing power of the components inside down with it?" Cramer asked.

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And while Nike reported a fantastic quarter, Cramer also wants investors to focus on Finish Line. This is the mall-based chain that has about 1,030 stores that sell athletic shoes, apparel and accessories.

Finish Line reported amazing results Friday morning. The company earned 30 cents a share, and Wall Street was only looking for 24 cents. It also posted 5.5 percent same-store-sales growth, with solid sales of running shoes.

After the stock rallied hard on Friday, Cramer spoke with CEO Glenn Lyon to find out how the company pulled it off.

"Jim, I'll be really technical with you. We got more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff. We got rid of some inventory, some faux pas a year or so ago, and we have cleared that inventory. Now we are in good balance, we've got some brands clicking, the Jordans are better, the Nikes are better, the Under Armours are coming on strong," Lyon said.

Though Cramer may seem to some like an infinite source of knowledge on stocks, the reality is that sometimes he doesn't know the answer and has to go back to the drawing board.

That is why he took the time to do his homework and follow up with Cramerica on a few stocks from callers that stumped him.

Real Industry
On June 23, a caller asked Cramer about Real Industry, which is a tiny company that was available only over the counter until late April. It is what is known as a Special Purpose Acquisition Company, or SPAC. Basically, it starts as a pile of money with a management team that plans to make a bunch of acquisitions.

The trick to looking at an SPAC is that the investor must believe in the management, because you will basically be investing in their ability to make strategic mergers and acquisitions.

"It's extremely speculative, and when you consider that Real Industry got slammed today…I say it's too risky for me," the "Mad Money" host said.

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In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

H&E Equipment Services Inc: "You know if United Rentals isn't doing that well, these guys aren't going to do that well... Therefore, my advice is that you take your lumps, because that one is not coming back any time soon."

Lowe's Companies: "You should be a buyer of Lowe's. I do prefer Home Depot, but Lowe's is real good."

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