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KFC unveils menu item: Pizza with chicken crust

KFC Philippines | Twitter

Once again, KFC has shown how far it is willing to go to incorporate chicken into everything we eat.

The company introduced the "Chizza" via social media in the Philippines early in July saying, "Thick crust, thin crust. Don't think about it. We have our chicken as the pizza crust."

Yes, that's right. KFC's signature chicken is now a pizza crust.

This is not the company's first foray into hybrid foods. In 2010, KFC offered the Double Down sandwich, a bacon and cheese sandwich with two pieces of fried chicken as the bread. And let's not forget earlier this year, when KFC rolled out the Double Down Dog, a hot dog covered in cheese and stuffed in a bun-sized piece of fried chicken.

In a lot of ways, KFC's Chizza is like chicken Parmesan topped with pepperoni, sans the pasta, of course. For now, the dish is only available in the Philippines, but it could make a U.S. debut if demand jumps.

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