Summer reading picks from a NY Ranger

In this latest installment of CNBC's summer reading series Chris Kreider, a forward with the New York Rangers, provides his top picks for the season. The Boxford, Mass., native and first- round draft pick in 2009, set career highs in the 2014-15 season in goals, assists and points.

In the summer, I split my time between New York and Massachusetts, where I grew up. I try to relax as much as I can and wind down from the season so I can be mentally and physically prepared for the following year. This past week, I took part in Rangers Youth Camp presented by Chase. I enjoy getting on the ice with the young kids; it's fun to see their passion for the game that I love.

Chris Kreider of the New York Rangers
Source: New York Rangers
Chris Kreider of the New York Rangers

I don't have big trips planned this summer, though I recently returned from Norway, where I played in a charity game with Mats Zuccarello and other teammates. I spent some time out there before and after the game, it was great. Despite a hectic schedule, I always try to make time to read. It's something I've always enjoyed and it really helps me relax. I feel like I learn something new in every book I read.

Here are some books I've read that I think everyone can learn from.

Never Let Go: A Philosophy of Lifting, Living and Learning

By Dan John

The book, by strength and track and field coach Dan John, is centered around weight lifting and strength training for high performance athletes. It's incredibly well written and has some amazing messages that extend to lots of other aspects of our lives.

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Six Months to Live...Three Guys on the Ultimate Quest for a Miracle

By Arthur Boyle

This book is by the father of a former teammate and very good friend of mine, Brian Boyle. It tells the amazing tale of how Art Boyle traveled to a religious shrine in Croatia and beat terminal cancer through faith, hope and friendship. Really, words can't do his story justice. It's a must read for everyone.

The Old Man and the Sea

By Ernest Hemingway

I'm a big Hemingway fan, and I would recommend a bunch of his other books, but for those just delving into his writing, this short story of struggle and redemption, his last major work of fiction and a Pulitzer Prize winner, is perfect—and perfect for the summer to boot.

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The Name of the Wind

By Patrick Rothfuss

This is a real nerdy vice of mine — definitely tied into the fantasy genre. The story line is riveting but the writing style is what really hooked me — his books are just so beautifully written, I find myself underlining and highlighting them constantly. If you love this book, you'll have to read the other books in the Kingkiller Chronicle series.

The Talent Code: Greatness Isn't Born, It's Grown. Here's How.

By Daniel Coyle

This book will change your perspective on what society has labeled "natural talent," and will hopefully convince you that you can teach yourself basically anything if you work smart. If there is one thing you should take away from the book, it's the importance of myelin sheathing, a neurological substance that wraps around neurons that are engaged when people learn and practice skills.

Commentary by Chris Kreider, a forward with the New York Rangers. Follow him on Twitter @ChrisKreider

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