Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos just made $8B

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is sizing up locations for its second US headquarters. Among the criteria: convenient access to mass transit and an international airport, a highly educated labor pool, a strong university system and a diverse population.
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Amazon beat expectations on Thursday after reporting startling quarterly earnings and exceeding revenue estimates.

CEO Jeff Bezos, who owns 83,921,121 shares in the company, made a paper gain of more than $8.05 billion prior to the opening on Friday as shares spiked more than 20 percent in premarket trading.

Bezos' net worth jumped to $43.2 billion from $34.7 billion the previous day, according to Forbes.

The online retailer reported a 26 percent rise in North American sales, year-over-year, with sales of $13.79 billion.

Similarly, Google's stock climbed more than 11 percent last week in extended trading after the company posted quarterly earnings of $6.99 per share on $17.73 billion in revenue. The Google co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, each racked up about $4 billion that day.

Must be nice.