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Office Envy: Inside Quirky's New York headquarters

Inside the Quirky office
Inside the Quirky office

Luella Rivera, a former New York City public school student, may not have ever heard of New York-based startup, Quirky.

But the employees of Quirky have definitely heard of her.

As part of its office design, the company repurposed an old school locker with her name on it and then used it to build one of its conference room tables. The name of the conference room then became "Luella Rivera."

It's one of the many unique and different aspects of the warehouse-style office that belongs to Quirky.

The concept of the company takes user-submitted ideas from the public and turns them into retail products. Some of the submissions can be found in stores like Target, Home Depot and Best Buy.

It's an idea that generated enough excitement that over the past few years, it's raised funding from the likes of GE and Andreessen Horowitz.

Quirky offices
Source: Quirky

Sometimes though, the benefits of working at an innovative startups can be trumped by the the volatile nature of the business.

Since CNBC's visit to the office earlier this year, the company has endured massive layoffs, bringing its New York office staff down to just 100 employees from more than 400, a representative from the company confirmed.

Additional layoffs are reportedly on the way, but the focus is on raising more money while Quirky focuses on its connected home product, Wink.

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