CNBC's Office Envy

These are the coolest offices we could find
Horizon Media's NYC headquarters.
Source: Horizon Media

Ping pong tables, beer on tap, and a terrace overlooking downtown Manhattan are just part of the reasons the approximately 1,000 employees of Horizon Media work onsite as the largest privately-held media agency in the world.

WATCH: StubHub

Stubhub’s San Francisco headquarters
Source: Stubhub

Upon entering Stubhub's San Francisco office, visitors are greeted by a 2004 World Series Giants ring in a highly secure display case.

WATCH: Nixon Peabody

Nixon Peabody’s Washington, DC office
Source: Eric Laignel

It's not just tech companies and startups rethinking work spaces.  Global law firm Nixon Peabody has designed its new Washington, DC office with one thing in mind: collaboration.

WATCH: Weebly

Weebly’s headquarters in San Francisco
Source: Weebly

Website-hosting service, Weebly built a small library inside their office and if you pull out the right book, the book shelf opens to reveal a secret room.

WATCH: Splash

A team of employees at “Splash” working in their New York City office.
Source: Splash

Splash is taking the "cool office" to the next level, by bringing in a barber to give monthly haircuts.

WATCH: Pandora

Source: Pandora

Pandora's headquarters in Oakland boast music-themed furniture and walls, and free avocados.


Etsy headquarters in Brooklyn, New York.
Photographer | CNBC

Inside Etsy, employees are encouraged to ride abike to work, bring their dog and when they need a break from their desk, sitin one of the dozens of couches and bean bags spaced throughout the office.

WATCH: Method

Method office reception.
Source: Method

For employees at Method, playing with soap is all part of the job.


Quirky offices
Source: Quirky

Prior to filing for bankruptcy, CNBC went inside Quirky to see the culture behind the invention-based startup.


Inside Yelp’s New York City office
Source: YELP

Scooters and swings aren't just for playgrounds anymore. Inside Yelp's headquarters they're everywhere you look.


The lounge inside WeWork West Broadway, in New York City
Source: WeWork

WeWork, the coworking and community space,which is now valued at $16 billion has grown drastically and is the home to startups, small businesses and independent workers.


72 and Sunny’s headquarters in Los Angeles
Source: 72 and Sunny

A tour of 72andSunny's Los Angeles office includes everything from video games to hammocks, but it's not all fun and games.

WATCH: DogVacay

Inside DogVacay’s headquarters in Santa Monica, California
Source: DogVacay

When you first arrive at DogVacay's Santa Monica, California, headquarters, guests are greeted with a sign that says, "Dogs are welcome, people are tolerated."

WATCH: Atlassian

Atlassian’s San Francisco office
Source: Atlassian

During an office tour of Atlassian with Jay Simons, visitors can get everything from a piano performance to an indoor bike ride as the gregarious company president shows off his unique office culture.

WATCH: CouchSurfing

CouchSurfing’s San Francisco office
Source: CouchSurfing

With 11 million members across the globe, CouchSurfing was inspired to design its headquarters with its customers' experiences in mind.

WATCH: New Relic

New Relic’s San Francisco office
Source: New Relic

Regular massages and free swag are just part of daily life for more than 800 employees who work at New Relic.