Office Envy: Inside CouchSurfing's San Francisco workspace

Inside CouchSurfing's headquarters

With 11 million members across the globe, CouchSurfing was inspired to design its headquarters with its customers' experiences in mind.

The platform is an exchange and networking tool that allows members to meet other travelers around the world and stay as a guest at a host's home, host travelers, or join events.

"CouchSurfing is very much about being away, being somewhere different, so our office really showcases that," its CEO Jennifer Billock told CNBC.

Above the working space, is what the staff calls, "The Chill Space," which boasts beanbags, various games and a place where Billock herself will host meditation classes.

CouchSurfing’s San Francisco office
Source: CouchSurfing

The office bar, also known as the "Social Engine" is a gathering point on Fridays where all the staff gather around to talk about how the week has gone.

CouchSurfing's office also makes itself open and available to members of the community to bring their laptops and hang out for a day while getting to know the people behind the platform.

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