Office envy: Inside DogVacay's Santa Monica headquarters

Humans tolerated, dogs welcome at this office
Humans tolerated, dogs welcome at this office

When you first arrive at DogVacay's Santa Monica, California, headquarters, guests are greeted with a sign that says, "Dogs are welcome, people are tolerated."

It's all part of the theme for the network of 20,000 dogsitters that use its platform to watch dogs for a specific duration in their own home. Some might think of it like, "the AirBnb for your dog."

The office is split between various teams, including an engineering team, host supporting team and the "barketing," or marketing, team.

The office has 80 employees and at least 25 office dogs, depending on the day.

Inside DogVacay’s headquarters in Santa Monica, California
Source: DogVacay

The conference rooms are named after dog breeds. "Our main conference room is Rottweiler," Aaron Hirschhorn, company founder and CEO, told CNBC. "It's the biggest and most dangerous dog, so it's also known as our war room, as we work together to figure out critical problems to our business."

In another area, known as the "living room," employees bring their laptops to do their work while sitting on couches. They also regularly bring hosts and customers to their office, to get feedback.

The office snacks include both healthy and nonhealthy food for humans and dogs, of course. Most recently, the staff began labeling the food better. "A couple months ago, our CFO ate a dog cupcake and was not very happy about it," Hirschhorn said. "So, we've taken to labeling them very carefully."

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