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Cramer Remix: Hot buys for the rest of 2015

Cramer: Buy these stocks for the rest of 2015

The last week of August may have just been another week devoid of economic activity for some, but to Jim Cramer—everything changed.

"If you look back at that week, you will see something uncanny among all the charts of the industrials and old tech stocks: a bottom. That's right, those stocks, which had pretty much been in free fall for most of the summer, started their pivot right then," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer has been over and over the numbers trying to figure out what changed that week. The answer? Not much at all. The only noticeable market input that week was universally pooh-poohed as being phony. That was the week that the Chinese stock market bottomed.

On Aug. 26, the Shanghai Composite hit a bottom of 2,927, and that has held, even through a wave of bad Chinese economic data.

"Amazingly, if you overlay the stocks of our industrials and techs over that index you will see a correlation that is more than a little startling," Cramer said. (Tweet this)

The "Mad Money" host believes that both the bottom in industrials and the bottom in oils are lasting. If that is the case, then anyone who has not participated in the oil and industrial rotation could get run over. Those who have been buying into the consumer packaged goods will turn out to be right.

"I will stick my neck out, though, and say both trends are for real," Cramer said.

If he is right, Cramer anticipates that investors will have radical rethinking of the stocks they choose for their portfolios going forward for the rest of the year. That could impact everything from General Electric to companies linked to the Chinese consumer and those stemming from an emerging marketplace.

That means it's time to start your engines; in Cramer's book, the oils and industrials could be the major winners for the rest of 2015.

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An oil pump in northern New Mexico.
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Just as oil and industrial stocks have recently been running with the bulls, many other stocks ranging from Valeant to Workday and anything biotech has been subject to a major sell-off. The value stocks within these groups have tried to make a comeback, but Cramer has only seen one stock actually make traction—Eli Lilly.

That traction ended on Monday when Eli Lilly of a new class of cardiovascular formulation that would act as an anti-cholesterol drug to cut down on heart disease.

"Lilly shareholders are frantically dumping the stock, at one point selling the stock down an outrageous and uninformed 10 points, showing you just how fearful people are of this entire segment," the "Mad Money" host said.

Why does Cramer think dumping Eli Lilly was a huge mistake?

In Cramer's perspective, Eli Lilly's stock price did not soar to the $80s because of its cholesterol drug in the first place. It was the best acting old pharmaceutical stock because of two drugs; an anti-diabetes formulation called Jardiance, and an anti-Alzheimer's drug called Solanezumab. Those two drugs had the potential to be huge blockbusters for the company.

"I believe this drug isn't even in the numbers. But at the same time, I have been waiting for this stock to come down even a smidge after the announcement of these back-to-back blockbusters," Cramer said.

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In a difficult environment, when it is hard for investors to know what stocks to trust, Cramer says it is important to remember the power of conviction.

When Cramer referred to conviction, he meant believing in a high-quality company and holding on to its stock even when it hits a bump in the road or goes out of style.

"You will often be rewarded for that conviction, for being steadfast when everyone else is being schizophrenic," Cramer added.

Helen of Troy is a consumer packaged-goods company that sells everything from personal care and health care products to housewares. Many might recognize the brands of Pur water filters, Pert Plus shampoo and other licensed brands. such as Revlon and Dr. Scholls.

Its stock was up 50 percent through late June, and Cramer told investors that the stock was worth owning. But then on July 9, the stock fell to $86 from $97 after reporting an earnings miss.

It turns out that the price in July was an opportunity to buy into weakness, as the stock has now skyrocketed to $102 as of Monday. The good news? Cramer thinks it could have a lot more room to run.

Since the beginning of the fourth quarter, Cramer has seen that some of the most hated groups in the stock market have suddenly become the most loved. This was especially the case with the oil complex, and with Monday's price of crude on the decline, this could be a fantastic entry point for the group.

"I think this move could be far from over, but the energy sector remains a very tricky space," the "Mad Money" host said. (Tweet this)

That was why Cramer decided to dig in and find a few energy stocks that offer lower risk and high-quality names, letting investors sleep at night. Cramer's favorite pipeline play at the moment is Energy Transfer Partners, the master limited partnership subsidiary of Energy Transfer Equity.

The major reason why Cramer owns this stock in his charitable trust is because two weeks ago, investors learned that Energy Transfer Equity, ETP's parent company and general partner, would acquire pipeline titan Williams for $38 billion. This deal would create the third largest energy conglomerate in the U.S.

"I think it is so transformative for the whole Energy Transfer family, both the general partner ETE and the master limited partnership, that I want you to own ETP," Cramer said.

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With the biotech group slammed in the past few weeks on a political firestorm over drug prices, some stocks have been hurt more than others. One stock that has lost nearly one-third of its value in the last three months is BioMarin, a maker of orphan drugs.

However, its drugs are expensive for a reason, because they treat rare genetic diseases that would otherwise be lethal or cost the health care system even more money if they remained untreated.

So, even though the stock has been annihilated recently, Cramer found that the news flow has been positive for BioMarin in the past few weeks. Is the stock now so low that the opportunity cannot be ignored?

To learn more, Cramer spoke with BioMarin Pharmaceutical CEO Jean-Jacques Bienaime.

"We are treating devastating and most of the diseases are lethal. The patients would also use a lot of health-care resources that they are not using today thanks to our drugs. So, it would be very, very bad news for these patients if these drugs were not available," Bienaime said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Ryder System: "A local company that pre-announced bad numbers after the close. When I looked at it, because you know we are close to Ryder and we have had them on a couple of times, to me it is execution issues involving Ryder. Not necessarily weakness involving the country."

Hasboro Inc: "Hasboro has come down enough that it seems like Disney, so-to-speak, in that it is going to get ready for "Star Wars". I'm not against owning Hasboro down here now that it has sold off."

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